A Cloud-Native Controller Built for  Seamless Security

The pairing of the CloudController with StorLogix Cloud provides the foundation for your facility’s access control and site security. Built on a cloud-to-cloud configuration, it creates a seamless connection between your facility’s access control hardware and portfolio-wide software. ​​

Wondering How the CloudController Compares to the FalconXT?

We’ve created a simple chart outlining the differences between the CloudController to the FalconXT. Click the image to download!

Read Our Blog All About the CloudController

We’ve identified three ways the CloudController will improve your site’s security. Click the image to read this educational blog! 


Built to support even the most demanding
self-storage portfolios


The CloudController allows for a highly configurable footprint and is ready to grow to meet future needs

Features Include:

  • OSDP reader support
  • Robust network security
  • IO Module encryption
  • Configurable access levels, threat levels, and time schedules
  • Can control up to 64 access points, 615 inputs, and 388 outputs

System Capabilities:

  • Customizable event views
  • E-mail alert communications
  • Ability to centralize your site data
  • Connect via TCP/IP locally and/or remotely
  • Hundreds of customizable system messages
  • Lighting, elevator, and multi-area access control
  • Support for as many as 10,000 units and 10,000 users
  • Support for remote annexes with dial-up modems and automated sharing of a single connection
  • UL-294 Listing in the United States and Canada
  • Works with Microsoft® Windows® 10


Available Downloads