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The Industry's Most Reliable Access Control Software

With StorLogix Cloud, operators can easily customize all of their facility’s access areas, review site activity, and monitor zones and alarms from one cloud-based account. Create a world-class operation with the most advanced enterprise access control solution from the trusted industry leader with over 40 years of experience.


Customized Notifications

Real-time, customized notification tools allow for an immediate response to the security events most important to your business.

Device Health At-A-Glance

Troubleshoot with ease and quickly resolve issues with a streamlined dashboard interface that identifies the root of any security incident.

Multi-Site Management

Improve visibility and insights with events and data from an entire portfolio, a region, or a single site, all from a single, centralized login


Current StorLogix Desktop customers can easily upgrade and take advantage of the latest features and benefits of a cloud-based access control solution. From customizable notifications to multi-site management capabilities, we’ve outlined all the key differences between StorLogix Desktop and StorLogix Cloud in an illustrative comparison chart. Click the link below to download!

Discover The Benefits Of Cloud-Based Access Control Software

5 Notifications You Should Be Receiving From Your Access Control Software

The proper push notifications can help a self-storage business keep their eyes pealed. By leveraging your access control system’s notifications for the right instances, self-storage businesses can avoid delayed responses to security threats. Click the link below to download a guide that outlines which notifications your operation SHOULD BE receiving!

Device Health At-A-Glance

With PTI’s StorLogix Cloud, self-storage facilities can now take advantage of the impressive range of benefits that accompany a cloud-based access control security solution. Click the link below to download an infographic that illustrates how migrating your access control software to the cloud can improve your connectivity and operations.

Multi-Site Management

Did you know that your access control system has extra features that could make your life easier? Improve the security of your self-storage site, simplify your operation, and improve your overall efficiency by downloading a guide on specific features in your access control system that you may not have known about below!

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