In today’s world, we’ve all grown accustomed to a certain level of customization.  Finish a book on your Kindle, and there’s a suggestion based on your reading interests.  Cookies ensure that you see custom ads based on your search history.  You’ve probably even received a mass email or two that addressed you by your first name.  An ATM may even tell you happy birthday.  The point is, we’ve all experience increased personalization and customization as technology has improved.  So, why should renting a self storage unit be any different for your customers?

Securing your facility is important, but your customers may expect more.  Of course, they want to feel safe when they’re on site, but they also want to know that their unit—their stuff—is safe and secure.  But how do you give them that extra layer of security without breaking the bank?  Door alarms are a great way to give your customers extra security and to let them monitor their own unit anywhere, anytime.

Thousands of self storage owners across the globe have installed door alarms at their facilities because they understand how important it is to give their customers a personal sense of security. If you’re like these savvy business owners, keep reading to find out which type of door alarms are the best solution for your facility and layout.

Hard-Wired Alarms


  • Reliable connection
  • Hard to defeat
  • Can be configured to your site layout
  • Cost effective

Ideal situation(s):

  • Great solution for new builds.

As the adage goes, simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.  Wired door alarms are a simple yet reliable way to alarm your facility doors.  Don’t let the simplicity fool you though, this is a highly effective and reliable solution.  Wired alarms give you the freedom to install alarms on all doors or only a portion of doors, which means you can offer tiered pricing and charge a premium for wired, alarmed doors.

Both you and your customers can monitor units and receive alerts and emails when a wired alarm is triggered through StorLogix, StorLogix Mobile, and EasyCode (the self-storage industry’s #1 customer facing app from PTI).

Wired alarms are great for new builds because access to every unit is readily available, thus installation is a breeze.




Wireless Alarms


  • Fit easily on the outside of doors
  • Quick and simple install and setup
  • Reliable, Bluetooth technology
  • Long lasting battery life with low power warnings
  • Anti-tamper built-in

Ideal situation(s):

  • Great for retrofits or expansions. Also ideal when speedy installation is required.


Like wired alarms, wireless alarms have tamper detection built-in, can be monitored by PTI’s security software and mobile apps, and can be used on all or a portion of your self storage facility.

With wireless alarms, you can quickly add the alarm to the outside of a unit which means you can add these alarms to units that are currently occupied.  Want a worry-free way to install door alarms on your existing facility or expansion?  Go with wireless!




Whether you choose wired or wireless door alarms for your facility, having alarms is a great way to increase value, profitability, and increase occupancy at your facility. If you’re still not sure which type of alarm is right for your facility’s security system, contact us at