It’s that time of year again.  Freezing temperatures and bad weather can take its toll even on the toughest keypads. Here are a few helpful tips that can help minimize or eliminate weather related issues with your metal keypad buttons:


Heaters. If you’re in an area that experiences exceptionally harsh winters, a heater may be the best solution for you.  It’s a bit more complex and requires you run a conduit to your keypads, but if you’re in an extremely cold climate, running an extra wire may be worthwhile.


Weather Shield. These are an inexpensive and quick fix for keypads with metal buttons.  These rubber shields fit over your keypad buttons and help keep them from sticking.


Card Readers/EasyCode. Some keypads have card reader functions available which can serve as a quick Winter fix, especially if you have a number of commercial customers that require frequent entry and exit.  EasyCode is another potential alternative to using the keypad buttons for entry.  EasyCode is a nice because it keeps your customers from having to roll down their windows or step out of their vehicle to enter their access code—a particularly nice feature to have when it’s cold outside.


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