Why Apex Keypads Are Ideal For Self Storage Security Installations

The security keypads you install at a new or renovated storage facility will have a lasting impact on that business, so the durability and reliability of the keypads you install are critical.


The security keypads you install at a new or renovated storage facility will have a lasting impact on that business.  The durability and reliability of the keypads you install are critical.   Let’s face it, you don’t want to have to return to the site in a year to fix faulty keypads or to replace keypads that have been tampered with.  Your customers know they need security, but they may not understand how important selecting the right keypads are to their day to day operations.

Apex keypads from PTI are the best choice for installers because they are more durable, robust, customizable, and substantial than other keypads available in self storage today.


Why install Apex keypads?


The Apex is synonymous with durability. For your customers that means their keypads will be more resistant to weather damage and vandalism.  And for you, that means fewer return service calls. 

Both the enclosure and the face plate on the Apex series are made of 1/8” thick aluminum, which is twice as thick as VP series and 700 series keypads.  This, paired with the pinhole camera make the Apex keypad more resistant to tampering and vandalism.

Are you installing in an area with heavy sun exposure or in a region prone to heavy rainfall?  Apex keypads were built to stand up to the elements, and have a two layer UV coating and the watertight construction.  No need to worry about your keypads chipping, fading, peeling, or having moisture related issues.

Worried about lightning and surge protection?  Apex keypads have industry leading, built-in protection.  When properly grounded and sealed, Apex keypads should last for years to come.


Does your customer have a need for box mounted keypads with no overhang for a shaded or covered area?  Or a flush mount keypad to use in hallways and elevators? Do they need the ability to add door strikes, motion sensors, or light triggers? How about password protection or the ability to lock someone out after too many incorrect attempts?  If they expand their facility, will their keypad allow them to add features down the road? 

If you’ve installed PTI’s Apex keypads, you can rest assured that you’ve given your customer the ability to adapt and grow.

Bigger is Better: 

Have you ever had to roll a truck to a site because someone clipped the keypad with their truck or RV? Have you ever had to wait at a gated entry while you or the person in front of you grabs their sunglasses to read the screen or see the numbers?

Apex keypads are big, durable, and user friendly.

Backlit display, numbers, and call button make these keypads easily visible: day or night, rain or shine.

Want a large display that’s viewable from nearly every angle and that gives your customers the ability to add custom messages in multiple languages? The Apex is the answer.

The front gate is the receptionist for the entire facility.  Having a larger screen with a personalized messages gives the facility an added touch, and makes it more tenant friendly.   The Apex display allows you to sell the value of personalization and convenience to your customers.

Your customers may want to cut corners with smaller or less powerful security system keypads, but that will cost them in the long run.  Service calls, part replacements, lightning damage, and a number of other issues cost you time and your customers money.  Get it right the first time with Apex keypads.

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