Selecting keypads for your facility can seem like a small decision, but security and alarm system keypad features will tremendously impact your business. When thinking about which security keypads to use, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What will happen to my business if my keypads stop working?
  2. How important is it to prevent theft from tailgating and to know who is on site at all times?
  3. What features and functionality do I need from my keypads?



What will happen to my business if my keypads stops working? 


If you’re like most self storage owners and operators, if your keypad stops working then you have to stop working.  You can no longer focus on driving sales and running the business and you become a defacto gate keeper.  Even worse, if your keypad stops working at your unmanned facility or after hours, you open yourself up to potential break-ins, theft, and vandalism which can all do serious harm to the reputation of your business.

The reliability of your keypads is critical to keeping your business up and running.  Simply put, your security system keypads have to work well every day, hold up in extreme temperatures, and last for years—or even decades—to come.

Some keypads on the market will claim that they are weatherproof and reliable, but be careful.  There are some less expensive keypads available in self storage today that are made of cheap plastic and others that are prone to rust and corrosion.

You’ll want to select a keypad that’s made of aluminum, has a powder coating, has stainless steel components, and has built in lightning protection.  This design will keep your keypad from rusting, peeling, and will ensure they last for years to come.




How important is preventing theft from tailgating and knowing who is on site at all times?


Tailgating is a huge problem in self storage. Security gates and arms are programmed not to lower if a vehicle is nearby.  That means that past due tenants can access their units by simply following someone in at the gate.  Even worse, this means that potential thieves and vandals can do the same.  When investing in a keypad, it’s important to select one that controls electronic locks on each unit door—like the rugged and reliable Apex keypads from PTI.

How do electronic locks on every door help protect your facility?  Basically, electronic locks ensure that the only way to open a unit door is by entering a unique code at the gate.




What features and functionality do I need from my security system keypads?


The last thing you’ll need to ask when selecting access control keypads for your self storage facility is what features are important to you and your customers.

If you’re looking for an integrated solution, the Apex Keypad from PTI is likely the right fit for you.  These keypads are designed to include a card reader, intercom, space for a pinhole camera, and a four line customizable LCD display—which allows you to send custom messages to your tenants. Additionally, the Apex can be upgraded to include PayXpress so your tenants can pay at the gate.

Also, consider how important mobile app integration is for you and your tenants.  To date, PTI and Digitech keypads are the only ones on the market that are compatible with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

To learn more about which security system keypad is right for your self storage facility, click here.