The Top Mobile Apps for Self-Storage Operations

Smartphone apps have the potential to benefit self-storage owners, property managers, and renters. As a self-storage operator, you can leverage smartphone apps to increase revenue, reduce operational expenses, and improve the efficiency of your operation.

Mobile devices help on-the-go workers do their jobs more effectively. In fact, 93 percent of workers who spend at least a third of their day on-the-go use a smartphone at work every single day.

Self-storage operators and property managers increasingly fall into the on-the-go worker category. Whether traveling between locations or moving between areas within a single location, self-storage professionals require constant access to information and resources — access that is best achieved through the latest generation of smartphone applications.

Smartphone apps have the potential to benefit self-storage owners, property managers, and renters. As a self-storage operator, you can leverage smartphone apps to increase revenue, reduce operational expenses, and improve the efficiency of your operation.

But not all apps are created equal. The trick is knowing which apps are most reliable and best-suited for specific tasks. Here’s what you need to know to select the smartphone apps capable of delivering maximum benefits to your self-storage operation.

Apps for Improving Revenue and the Customer Experience

Self-storage is a $38 billion industry and growing. But industry growth means new entrants and increased competition. To stay ahead of the game, you need to improve revenue by delivering a first-rate customer experience. The right smartphone app can give your business an edge in a crowded marketplace. By equipping tenants with mobile tools, you can make self-storage more convenient for your tenants as well as the people who staff your facilities.

EasyCode 2.0

App Store Rating: 4.3/5.0

Available for iOS/Android

EasyCode 2.0 offers secure, mobile entry to self-storage renters. Designed for use with PTI’s access control solution, EasyCode 2.0 provides a convenient touch interface that allows permission-based access to gates and doors throughout your facility. Users enjoy a mobile view of access activity, real-time notifications when unit alarms are triggered, and other monitoring features. In addition to reducing the workload for property managers, EasyCode 2.0 significantly improves the customer experience and retention rates, creating more revenue opportunities for your operation.

Self-Storage Unit Size

Play Store Rating: N/R

Available for Android 

Self-storage tenants routinely struggle to determine the appropriate unit size for their belongings, creating friction for property managers and frustrations for customers. The Self-Storage Unit Size app eliminates the hassle of choosing a unit by allowing renters to walk through their homes and add personal items to the application with a tap of the finger. The app then calculates the size of the required storage unit, allowing customers — and property managers — to get it right the first time.


Apps for Increasing Operational Efficiency

Successful companies prioritize operational efficiency because it allows them to operate as cost-effectively as possible while continuing to provide high-quality services to their customers. Essentially, every dollar invested in operational efficiency represents a win on both the revenue and expense side of the business. Smartphone apps can help your team work more efficiently without sacrificing the quality of services you provide to your customers. In some cases, smartphone apps can actually increaseservice quality while reducing labor expenses and other costs.

The Self Storage Show

App Store Rating: N/R

Available for iOS/Android

Knowledge really is power in the self-storage industry. To develop and maintain an efficient and profitable operation, owners and property managers need access to insights from the industry’s leading voices. The Self Storage Show app provides mobile access to The Self Storage Show with Jim Ross podcast — a one-of-a-kind resource that focuses on the issues shaping today’s industry. From the 10 most common operational mistakes to tips on the use of technology in self-storage facilities and more, the app provides easy access to episodes and bonus content that will improve the efficiency of your operation.

StorLogix Mobile

App Store Rating: 3.2/5.0

Available for iOS/Android

StorLogix Mobile gives self-storage operators and property managers constant access to PTI Security System’s state-of-the-art access control platform. With StorLogix Mobile, you gain real-time visibility to on-site activities and the people currently located at your facility. You can also view and clear alarms and grant/revoke customer access from any location using your smartphone, reducing staffing requirements and the amount of time it takes to resolve access issues for tenants. When it comes to improving operational efficiency, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a smartphone app more capable than StorLogix Mobile. 

Apps for Reducing Operational Costs

It’s no secret that labor represents a significant line item in a self-storage operation’s budget. Anything you can do to reduce labor costs improves your operation’s bottom line. Across industries, self-service technologies enable companies to reduce labor costs and provide customers with digitally convenient tools for common activities. Self-service technologies and online payment options fit well with the self-storage business model — and there’s an app for that.


App Store Rating: N/R

Available for iOS/Android

MyStorPal offers 24/7 self-service capabilities for self-storage tenants. Available for both iOS and Android, MyStorPal answers common questions and provides a secure mobile payment portal that acts as a virtual cashier, reducing labor costs and freeing up property managers to focus on revenue-generating activities. With additional features that include the ability to photograph and document belongings, one-touch support, and directions to your facility, MyStorPortal simultaneously improves customer convenience and your operation’s bottom line.

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