The days when self-storage operations could satisfy customers with little more than a chain link fence and intermittent on-site security coverage are over. Today’s self-storage customers expect technology-rich, around-the-clock security to protect their property and ensure their personal safety. 

But top-tier video surveillance and analytics solutions are about more than improving site security. For owners and operators, a truly world-class video surveillance and analytics platform is an investment that improves operational efficiency and grows the company’s bottom line.

Still, selecting the right technology is no easy feat. To guide your search, here’s a rundown of the top video surveillance and analytics platforms for self-storage.


1. WiZR


WiZR is quite simply the most powerful artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled video analytics solution on the market. Built to process AI on the edge, in the cloud or through a centralized server, WiZR acts like human eyes, using autonomous cognition to identify threats and alert management or police in real time.


Key features of WiZR include:

• Advanced video analytics. Next-generation video analytics eliminate the risk of false alarms, human error and security lapses. The result is IoT-ready surveillance technology that provides constant and intelligent visibility to potential threats. 

• Cloud architecture. WiZR’s edge/hybrid/cloud architecture enables self-storage operations to optimize hardware and cloud resources, creating opportunities for improved efficiency as well as faster threat detection and response times. 

• Device agnostic deployment. WiZR is a plug-and-play solution that functions seamlessly with legacy analog and IP-based camera systems. 

• Integration with PTI CORE. The integration of WiZR with PTI CORE provides a single, centralized view of cameras and IoT devices. When used in combination with PTI CORE, WiZR gives self-storage operators immediate, one-click visibility to video incidents across sites and facilities.


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2. Aviglion

Aviglion offers a sophisticated, closed-system surveillance solution for applications in a variety of industries. Like WiZR, Aviglion is cloud-based technology that leverages analytics for improved threat detection.

Key features of Aviglion include:

• High Definition Stream Management (HDSM). HDSM delivers high-quality video, maintaining image integrity while simultaneously improving the ability to manage bandwidth.

•  Access Control Manager (ACM) software. Browser-based software enables authorized users to manage credentials and perform other tasks from any location.

•  Open platform. Open architecture allows for customization and integration with legacy video security systems.

• Unlimited scalability. Similar to other leading video surveillance systems, Aviglion lets self-storage add and manage an unlimited number of cameras, buildings and locations.


3. Milestone

 An open platform, Milestone makes it possible for self-storage operations to customize their solution with cameras, services and a wide range of add-ons. Although Milestone’s modular delivery system enables the development of a highly sophisticated video surveillance system, advanced features require the purchase of various add-ons or service bundles.

Key features of Milestone include:

•  XProtect surveillance platform. The XProtect platform provides basic video surveillance for up to 8 cameras on a single site. Additional coverage can be achieved through products and integrations available from Milestone’s partner community, 

•  High flexibility. The extensive use of add-ons gives self-storage operations a high degree of flexibility. Although it requires planning, owners and operators can pick and choose add-ons based on their unique needs.

•  Scalability. All of the leading video surveillance and analytics platforms, including Milestone, are designed for infinite scalability. To extend the scope of the system, users simply purchase additional add-ons. 


4. Act365 by Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt touts its Act365 solution as an anytime, anywhere security solution. Geared to the needs of smaller operations, Act365’s cloud-based architecture doesn’t require on-site hardware or software. While its relative simplicity may appeal to self-storage operators in the market for a remote solution, the lack of sophistication and advanced analytics may be limiting for larger, growth-conscious self-storage operations.

Key features of Act365 include:

• Central management capabilities. As with many of the leading video surveillance systems, Act365 offers centralized reporting and remote management capabilities. Cloud-based delivery means owners and operators can access the system anytime, anywhere.

•  No IT infrastructure. Act365 helps reduce the IT burden by eliminating the need for on-site expertise or hardware. Although low IT requirements are common among the best video surveillance providers, Vanderbilt highlights it as a central feature of Act365.

•  Integrations. Vanderbilt designed Act365 for easy integration with its other products, including access control, intrusion detection and video management technologies. While ideal for existing Vanderbilt users, others may have to rely on APIs for third-party integrations.

5. Hikvision

Hikvision offers Blazer Pro and Hikcentral – Windows-based central management systems for sites recording on Hikvision NVRs, DVRs, and Hybrid-SAN storage products. On the surface, this creates a seamless video surveillance management system, but it may be less than ideal for users who are not currently operating in the Hikvision universe.

Key features of Hikvision’s central management systems include:

•  Advanced user management. Active directory integration as well as advanced event and alarm management features enable certain self-storage operations to effectively monitor and control their video surveillance technology.

•  User interface. The Hikvision user interface provides live streaming and playback for more than 3,000 cameras per system. Additional devices can be added with Hikvision’s remote server manager solution.

•  Health monitoring. Hikvision’s central management systems provide health monitoring for all connected devices, reducing the possibility of security gaps caused by device malfunctions.


Going forward, self-storage operations will face even more pressure to improve security and operational efficiency through the use of intelligent technologies. By understanding your options and investing in the right video surveillance and analytics platform, you can lay the groundwork for significantly better business outcomes in the months and years ahead.


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