The Capabilities of Cloud-Based Software for the Self-Storage Industry

Self-storage owners and operations are eager to make the migration to cloud-based solutions because they offer convenient benefits that can’t be acquired through traditional, PC-based versions.


Interest in cloud-based software has surged in recent years, attracting businesses of different sizes and across industries. Operations are eager to make the migration to cloud-based solutions because they offer convenient benefits that can’t be acquired through traditional, PC-based versions. In terms of self-storage, the transition to a cloud-based access control software solutions offers operators a multitude of valuable benefits to boost their bottom line and streamline day-to-day tasks.

Access from Anywhere

Modern cloud-computing software provides self-storage owners and operators with the technology needed to get their work done from any location. By implementing a cloud-based access control software solution, owners and operators are able to manage their access control setup from anywhere – even through a smartphone. This includes the ability to grant access, run reports, and monitor site activity. 

Because the cloud enables access from anywhere, and on any device, self-storage operators and managers are better equipped to respond to any incident that may arise. This feature is especially useful to facilities that provide tenants with 24/7 access. For example, if a tenant is looking to move-in to their self-storage unit after hours, cloud-based access control software gives a site manager the ability to grant tenant access from a remote location.

If a tenant forgot their gate code during non-business hours, a site manager can also remotely change the tenant’s code while off-site. This feature also eliminates the need for a site manager to return to or stay on the property after hours to manually admit garbage trucks, security guards, cleaning staff or contractors past the facility gates. 

Access Your Entire Portfolio 

PC-based access control software requires self-storage operators to provide different credentials (separate usernames and passwords) for access to data at multiple sites. In contrast, the implementation of cloud-based software means self-storage operators aren’t constrained by their specific geographic location. A centralized access control system enables operators to manage multiple facilities with credentials to a single, centralized account. 

Eliminate Downtime + Secure Data

A cloud-based access-control solution eliminates downtime caused by manually updating the software or responding to crashes or local computer issues. 

A cloud-based system also always means that your data is kept safe from any disaster with continuous automatic backups. Your facility information – tenant information, access control data, and system settings – is always available and up-to-date without any heavy lifting on your part.

As a result, many self-storage businesses see the cloud as a vital insurance policy that protects their access control systems from the liability of a potentially devastating loss of data. 

Having the advanced technology features accompanying a cloud-based access control software solution makes managing your business a breeze. If the ability to access your system from any location, manage an entire portfolio seamlessly, secure your data from disaster, and streamline your day-to-day activities sounds beneficial to your self-storage business, talk to the experts at PTI Security Systems.

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