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The cloud-based access control software solution that allows operators to manage their facility from anywhere.

PTI’s wireless electronic smart lock represents the industry’s highest level of individualized door security.

The tenant-facing mobile app that allows tenants to open gates, doors, and view access activity from their mobile device.


The Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control Software

More and more industries are turning to cloud-based technology solutions. With the release of PTI’s StorLogix Cloud, self-storage facilities can now take advantage of those same benefits with an upgraded cloud-based access control system. Click the link below to download an illustration that outlines how migrating your access control software to the cloud can bring improve your connectivity and your operations!

The Business Benefits of Tenant-Facing Mobile Apps in Self-Storage

It’s important to understand that self-storage customers aren’t the only beneficiaries of the smartphone revolution. In today’s industry environment, mobile apps are providing significant advantages for owners and operators, too. Discover how tenant-facing mobile apps offer advantages that lead to better business performance and the ability to stay ahead of the game in highly competitive local markets.

5 Benefits of Individual Door Security Technology for Self-Storage Operations

Individual unit-door technology isn’t only an important component in improving a site’s overall security, it can be a profitable income stream and serve as a competitive differentiator. Read this article to discover some of the benefits of investing in smart locks.