Tech Takeover at SSA Fall 2023 Show

As hundreds of attendees gathered in La Vegas at the Self Storage Association (SSA) 2023 Fall Conference and Trade Show in September, two themes dominated conversations: meeting increasing tenant expectations for convenience and security, and the rapidly growing role of technology in the self storage industry.

Ryan Stewart, PTI’s VP of Sales, noted that tech took center stage at the event. “Operators of all sizes were talking about how imperative it is to incorporate technology into their operations to run them more efficiently and profitably while attracting and retaining tenants.”

At SSA Fall, PTI debuted multiple new products and announced strategic partnerships that leverage technology and smart design to create more customized tenant experiences and enhance automation and access monitoring. These included:

HELOX: Bluetooth Electronic Padlock for in unit security.

• AP1: PTI’s newest generation of keypads.

StorageDefender Integration – Combination of StorLogix Cloud with in-unit monitoring capabilities of StorageDefender to provide unique data not previously available in the industry.

SteelBlue – Turnkey solution that includes 9530 Series steel rollup door coupled with the industry’s latest and most forward-thinking smart latch – the PTI PROEdge.

Self Storage Manager Integration- Single dashboard software view with a PTI window to view various data points collected through StorLogix Cloud.

All newly introduced innovations and additions to the PTI product family support increased security through automation and streamlined operations, enabling operators to increase profitability while creating a brand story that empowers tenants through efficient design.

“Self storage is becoming an extension of tenants’ homes, and the key to creating a smooth experience between the two is effective use of smart devices,” noted PTI Director of Marketing Steve Reeder. “Technology is going to provide personalized access for tenants while providing operators overarching control.”

As tenants call for more personalized access options and tech-driven safety features, operators were eager to learn about new technologies available. SSA panels, educational sessions, and exhibitor booths delivered, with a focus on new uses for data, incorporating AI and new tech-driven product offerings.

“Attendees were excited about our new product lines, strategic vendor alignment, and smart locks, which are elements of a total solution the industry is hungry for,” Stewart said. “The move toward digitalization makes our new introductions especially timely and relevant in meeting those needs.”

SSA Fall 2023 Show Key Tech Takeaways

• Tenant access on “their” terms is key to self-storage operator success. Old ways won’t attract or keep desirable consumers.

• Self-storage is ready to embrace tech. Core innovations in access control, in-unit security, and smart locks are the next step for the industry.

• Technology is at the intersection of higher operator profitability and customer satisfaction. Without it, it will be hard to achieve either.

• Large operators are budgeting for major tech upgrades in 2024. Smaller facilities will need a tech-enabled security strategy to stay competitive. This may include adding technology to existing hardware or developing new software.

Technology is key to how today’s tenants interact with their workplaces, homes, and leisure activities. Their expectations of how technology should safeguard and streamline their self-storage experience will transform the industry. Operators that opt-in will see bottom-line benefits and reduced staffing needs.

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