StorLogix Quick Start Guide


I’ve got a StorLogix disc from PTI, now what?

Installing StorLogix for the first time can seem like an impossible task. Trust us, it’s not. We have taken a lot of steps over the years to make the installation of our software a smooth and easy job. Plus, there is a video you can watch to get you going…


Trying to upgrade your existing StorLogix software? Watch the step-by-step video below:

More information: StorLogix First Time Setup

I have an old Falcon 2000 system, how do I upgrade to StorLogix?

For instructions to convert from Falcon 2000 to Storlogix please download the following document:


How do I configure StorLogix to work with my management or accounting software package?

Our software interface works with many of the major management software packages that you find in self-storage. The StorLogix Installation and Setup video covers some of the basics on how to set up this up. If you’d like more information, check the link below.


More information: Setting up the StorLogix Interface

Where do I go to do routine backups of StorLogix, and why should I? 

Backing up the database is an important function that should be performed at least monthly to prevent data loss in the event of computer malfunction, vandalism, computer virus, theft, fire, or other catastrophic event.


More information: How to Restore a Backup



StorLogix says my LogixServer is “offline”, what should I do?

Don’t Panic! The Falcon XT is a stand-alone access control system. This means as long as StorLogix has transmitted user data and codes to the XT, it will continue to work just fine without the PC connected to it. Here are some basic steps to take when this happens…


  1. Wait a few minutes. More often than not the system recovers on its own like nothing ever happened.
  2. Restart the LogixServer application on your PC. This is what talks to the XT. Try closing and restarting it (4.1 and earlier), or restart the LogixServer Service under Services (5.0+).
  3. Check your connections. Maybe the USB cable got stepped on under the desk and unplugged? Take a quick second to make sure that the USB, Ethernet, or Serial Cables are still connected on both ends (PC and XT).
  4. Is it on? If you have access to your Falcon XT, open the door and check to see if it is still blinking and flashing away. If not, make sure the power didn’t get unplugged or turned off, and if need be, you can reset the XT using the little white button in the upper-left corner of the board.
  5. Still no dice? Probably a good time to either contact your dealer or head over to and open a new ticket so that extra troubleshooting can be done.


What type of wiring do I need for this system?

We have very specific requirements for wiring our system, whether you are looking for door alarm wiring, device communication cable, or power wire recommendations, we have the list for you. Hop on over to our Wiki site for more information.


More information: Pre-Installation RequirementsSpecifications for PTI RS-485 WiringPTI Wire Recommendations



Is there somewhere I can go to get a deeper overview of how to set StorLogix up?

Okay, but you asked for it! Please visit the following links in our online help for overviews on setting up and configuring StorLogix.


StorLogix View: Setting up your site in StorLogix

Classic View: Setting up your site in the Classic View


What exactly are Time Schedules, Access Areas, and Access Levels?

Just like “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” these three things in StorLogix seem to make everyone say, “Oh My!” Don’t worry, they aren’t scary at all. At their core these three items in StorLogix control the when (Time Schedules), where (Access Areas), and how (Access Levels) of your entire PTI access control system. Access Levels also decide how “Time Zones” from your management software get translated into access privileges in StorLogix. There is a lot to read up on these items, check the links below…


More information: What’s the difference between Access Levels and Access Areas?Time Schedule SetupAccess Area SetupAccess Level Setup


How can I use Anti-Passback and/or Late Exit with my system?

Anti-Passback prevents users from ‘tailgating‘ through controlled areas by tracking entry and exit counts. A user can only exit an area that they have already entered and can only enter an area that they previously exited. If a user tailgates onto a site, the exit keypad will deny exit to them because they are not logged into the area. If a user is on-site and tailgates off the site, they will be denied exit next time they try to enter. 

Late Exit Mode is used to control customer exit from the site after their allowed time schedule hours in their Access Level.


More information: Anti-Passback, Late Exit (scroll down to Late Exit Section)


What do I need to do to connect to a Falcon XT at a remote site or annex?

First off, add a new site in StorLogix under Setup. This will be the data for your annex. Second, either add this new site to your existing StorLogix Interface by selecting both sites in the same setup, or add a new interface for this one (if your management software supports it). Beyond this you are going to need a Static IP at the remote site which you can get from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), a route that supports port forwarding, and another Falcon XT.


More Information: LogixServer Setup


How do I reset my Site Graphics computer? 

  1. Disconnect the Falcon Graphics Serial Interface Adapter (shown below) from the rear of the computer.
  2. Close the Site Graphics program
  3. Shut down or turn off the Site Graphics computer.
    1. Select “Shut down” from the drop down list box and click OK to shut down your computer. It may take several minutes for your computer to shut down.
    2. Allow the computer to shut down completely
      Note: If your computer does not shut down automatically, press and hold the power button on the computer for about five seconds, then release it.
    3. Click the Start button to display the Start menu and choose Shut Down from Start menu.
  4. Wait about one minute before restarting the computer.
  5. Turn on the computer.
    1. Press and hold the power button on the computer momentarily, then release it.
  6. Make sure that the Site Graphics appear and start panning.
  7. Reconnect the Falcon Graphics Serial Interface Adapter (shown below) to the rear of the computer.
    1. Insure that you connect the adapter to the same 9-pin serial port that it was removed from.
  8. Open StorLogix and got to Tools > Update Graphics.