StorLogix Mobile: The Mobile App & Must-Have Tool For Every Self-Storage Professional

Learn some of the functions that StorLogix Mobile can do for a self-storage owner/operator.

As I travel the very unique world of self-storage, I have talked to hundreds of location operators and managers, and I hear a lot of requests. As the only Platinum Dealer for PTI Security Systems in the State of Nevada, Las Vegas Low Voltage not only installs and services our own owner/operators, but we are also called to clean up messes that others may have created.

These messes we are called to clean up do not typically involve the system not working – but are more along the lines of improper system usage. If your facility has a fully functional system, but you don’t know how it operates, you can create some real chaos. As I talk to more and more self-storage managers, I find that the biggest hurdle to having a fully deployed system lies in the training.

The single biggest piece missed by other PTI installers, and also one of the most useful for on-site managers, is StorLogix Mobile. If you are running a PTI system and using Storlogix 5, you are eligible for StorLogix Mobile for FREE – yes FREE. The benefits, however, are priceless.

So what are some of the functions that StorLogix Mobile can do for a self-storage owner/operator?

Open Your Any PTI Controlled Access Function, From Anywhere in the World.

StorLogix Mobile is accessible from any Android or IOS device. It can open any gate or access-controlled door directly from your device without having to be on property. This feature alone will save your management staff countless hours in opening gates after hours for users who have locked themselves in after hours.

See All Users Currently On-Site From a Single Screen

With StorLogix Mobile, you can go to one screen and see all the users who are currently coded into the facility. Do you see a strange car driving through your facility? Within seconds you can pull up StorLogix Mobile and will have direct access to all tenants, as well as employees, currently coded into the facility.

See All PTI Devices That Are Currently Armed

With one-touch on your mobile device you can see all devices and doors that are currently in a state of alarm. This will help you stop those tailgaters from opening other people’s units.

In conclusion, StorLogix Mobile is an easy remedy to everyday challenges faced by several self-storage owners and operators without adding any monthly or one-time fees. If you are on the West Coast and would like help setting up StorLogix Mobile at one of your facilities, PC911 Las Vegas Low Voltage is the best in the business and ready to help! Give them a call at (702)-309-1911 or click here to visit their website!

*This article was originally written by Chad Stone, President of PC911/Las Vegas Low Voltage. To see the original article, please click here.

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