Allowing Self-Storage Operators to Reduce Operational Costs by Monitoring and Controlling Irrigation and Reduce Water Waste with the New PTI CORE™ Integration

[SCOTTSDALE, AZ – December 6, 2018] Today PTI Security Systems, the global leader in access control and innovative smart technologies for the self-storage industry, announced its integration with RainMachine.  This integration is another cost-saving opportunity for Self-Storage Operators developed through the PTI CORE™ Platform. 


RainMachine is the ultimate smart Wi-Fi sprinkler which uses weather forecasts and weather station data to adjust watering levels for your facility’s landscaping dynamically.  RainMachine’s water conservation approach will reduce operational costs within self-storage facilities and increase watering efficiency by gathering and processing weather information for your area up to several days ahead of time


Through the PTI CORE Platform, RainMachine will:

• Monitor from One Screen: control water use and program schedule through PTI CORE platform

• Conserve Water: smart sprinklers increase watering efficiency by gathering and processing weather information days ahead of time

• Look into The Future: using seven-day forecasts, the RainMachine adjusts watering efficiently using real-time weather data [global coverage, too]

• Run if Wi-Fi is Down: make any adjustments to settings while an internet connection is down

• Allow rain sensors to function in tandem with accurate weather technology


In addition to water conservation practices enabled by RainMachine and PTI CORE’s smart technology, customers can interact with their facility from anywhere and also control programs via Alexa and Google Assistant.


“RainMachine is a great brand to integrate with the PTI CORE platform and offers self-storage operators potential in the market we serve.  Our customers have asked for PTI to find ways to reduce operational costs for them, and our integration with RainMachine does exactly that,” said Franklin Young, CEO of PTI Security Systems. “PTI CORE delivers a seamlessly integrated end-to-end IoT platform that creates a smart, connected facility, giving owners and operators the ability to manage daily operations from anywhere in the World.”


“PTI Security System’s RainMachine integration with PTI CORE allows customers to manage outdoor water consumption across multiple sites.  With 40,000+ installations of PTI products, tenants and self-storage owners or operators can save up 50% on their water bills avoiding and reducing unnecessary water waste while complying to local city and government water use regulations. Monitoring RainMachine devices through a single interface adds ease of use and quick monitoring capabilities across multiple devices.” said Andrei Bulucea, CTO of Green Electronics, the makers of RainMachine smart irrigation controllers.


Lower water bills, reduce water use, improve curb appeal, and monitor from anywhere with PTI CORE’s newest integration.  For more information about PTI, PTI CORE cloud software and EasyCode, please visit


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About PTI Security Systems: PTI [] has been in the access-control and technology business since 1979 and is the most trusted name in self-storage security. To date, there are more than 40,000 installations of PTI products in self-storage facilities in more than 30 countries. PTI provides the most innovative, durable, and reliable security products available today, and offers a wide range of integrated security solutions that help create a seamless experience for both tenants and self-storage owners and operators. PTI’s industry-leading security solutions include the EasyCode mobile app, the #1 selling keypads in self-storage, wired and wireless door alarms, and easy to use software solutions designed to help you manage your security system in real-time from anywhere on Earth.



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Are you ready to lower your water bills, reduce your water use, and improve your facility’s curb appeal? Learn more about PTI CORE and RainMachine by contacting a CORE Advisor!