PTI Installations Around the World

PTI is proud to be a global leader in self-storage security and new technology, providing the best access control products and solutions to more than 40,000 facilities in 30 different countries.

As the self-storage industry continues to flourish, the demand for the service has driven growth all over the world. PTI is proud to be a global leader in self-storage security and new technology, providing the best access control products and solutions to more than 40,000 facilities in 40 different countries. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite installation projects from all over the world.

Storage King – Yarrabilba

Queensland, Australia

Storage King, the largest self-storage organization in Australasia, completed an extensive renovation to their facility in Yarrabilba in late 2018. Nicknamed “Storage King Bilbs”, this Storage King location modernized its construction to feature multiple stories and gave the facility some flare by using the new designs to incorporate the brand’s bright color scheme. In addition to the major curb appeal, this facility gave the community of Brisbane a self-storage solution with a top-notch security setup installed by PTI Australasia. The new and improved Storage King Yarrabilba includes a brand new keypad-operated gate system that gives their tenants quick and easy access to their belongings. 

Homebox – La Réunion

La Possession, France

Homebox, one of the top-operating self-storage companies in France, has 15 facilities throughout the country’s largest metropolitan cities. However, as the self-storage industry has continued to flourish around the world, a Homebox facility has officially made its way to the exotic island of La Réunion. PTI Europe recently equipped Homebox’s La Réunion facility with 24/7 keypad accessibility, individual door alarms, and video surveillance. Homebox can now reap the benefits of their successful venture with first-class security upgrades as well as unbelievable panoramic views of the Indian Ocean! 

Storage Vault – Kilmarnock 

Glasgow, Scotland 

In April of 2017, Storage Vault opened the doors of a new facility in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Although PTI is slightly biased to the yellow and black branding, Storage Vault’s newest facility stands out in other ways than just their vibrant colors. The new site offers rentable workspaces that include office suites, meeting rooms, kitchens, and lounges in addition to storage units. The company’s business model of offering a mix between self-storage and workspace has proven to be lucrative; as of 2018, Storage Vault announced its plans to develop seven new locations across Scotland. PTI is proud to be partnering with a company that is leading the way in their market and finding innovative ways to cater to growing local businesses. 

Kennard’s Storage – French’s Forest

Northern Sydney, Australia

In an adaptive remodel of the former headquarters of East Australia’s division of Coca-Cola, Kennard’s Storage gave an old building new life with innovative self-storage security features. This colorful facility can be found in Frenchs Forest, a town nestled between the North Shore and the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Tenants at Kennard’s of Frenchs Forest will have access to a walk-behind forklift, pallet jack, and trolleys to make storing their belongings easier than ever. In addition to individual door alarms installed by PTI Security Systems Australasia, Kennard’s has 24/7 keypad access, providing customers with the convenience and flexibility to enter their storage unit anytime they want. 

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