Video surveillance systems can help improve security at your self-storage business by reducing or deterring theft, vandalism, and break-ins. Next-generation video analytic solutions, such as WiZR, incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into IoT-ready surveillance technology. When used in combination with PTI CORE Platform, WiZR gives self-storage operators immediate, one-click visibility to video incidents across sites and facilities.

To illustrate the unprecedented capabilities of PTI CORE and WiZR video analytics as an end-to-end IoT self-storage solution, we’re sharing an incident captured recently in Atlanta, Georgia, that detected an unidentified vehicle at a self-storage facility after regular business hours. The video is a clear representation of the how the powerful combination of PTI CORE Platform and WiZR video analytics has the ability to identify threats and alert management or police in real-time.


Are you ready to integrate artificial intelligence to your existing video surveillance system?