The Simple, Elegant Smart Latch

The ProEdge Smart Lock, by PTI Security Systems, simplifies door security for both operators and tenants with its next-generation Bluetooth technology that provides keyless access, automated rental possibilities, and overlocking functionality. This one latch is all that is needed to accommodate left and right hand doors and is designed for both flat and corrugated doors. Tenants just need to swipe left on the StorID app to open the latch.

ProEdge Features

Bluetooth Connectivity

Tenant access controlled through a next generation Bluetooth connection via the StorID mobile app.

Tamper Resistant Breakaway Tab

Breakaway tab combined with tamper alarms mitigate any forced entry efforts. The onboard accelerometer communicates latch tampering to both operator and tenant.

3 Year Battery Performance

Lithium-manganese dioxide battery that performs up to three years. Special wake function extends life of the battery so the unit is not always “listening.”
proedge smart latch
"ProEdge signifies a pivotal advancement for PTI's product portfolio. It enables operators to optimize operations, enhance security, and offer streamlined, user-friendly experiences for both operators and tenants.”
Charlie Haagendrup
PTI Security - Senior Mechanical Engineer

How It Communicates

ProEdge leverages an onboard LumenRadio to mitigate noise from other wireless systems and a MiraMesh network with built-in redundancies and self-healing capabilities to maximize uptime.

  • Self-Healing
  • Extends the Range of a Facility’s Network
  • No Single Point of Failure Maximizes Redundancies

Once connected to the robust MiraMesh network, operators gain instant access to individual units including the data associated with each ProEdge smart latch as well as overarching control.

proedge mesh network
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