RX900 Wireless Door Alarms

Wireless door alarms are a great solution for anyone looking to provide additional security for their tenants at both new and existing facilities. Wireless alarms are perfect for retrofits because you can add these easy-to-install transmitters to both vacant and rented units. Hundreds of thousands of PTI Door Alarms have been installed throughout the world because door alarms are the best way to detect and deter break-ins at your facility. These easy to install alarms are a proactive tool that prevent crime, and give your tenants an unprecedented level of individual security. The 900mhz wireless door alarm system from PTI uses advanced frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology to give you immediate, reliable alerts.
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Included Features:
  • Great for new installs or retrofitting existing facilities.
  • Frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology.
  • Scalable to grow with your business.
  • Built to withstand the harshest environments.
  • FCC Approved for the United States
    • *NEW* Available for Australia, New Zealand, and Europe
System Compatibility:
  • Works with StorLogix and Falcon XT in PTI mode only.
  • Works with legacy Falcon Base Unit.
  • Not compatible with Digitech mode devices.

Available Downloads

Hard-Wired and Wireless Door Alarms

Overview of the PTI wired and wireless door alarm solutions available.

RX900 Wireless Door Alarm Manual

Installation and Operation manual for the RX900 Wireless Door Alarm System.

RX900 Utility

Utility for use with the RX900 Wireless Door Alarms. Provides backup/restore functionality and the ability to learn new transmitters.

Download 32.32 MB