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Specifically Designed For Self-Storage Operators

Created from the ground up and based on decades of working directly with operators over the last four decades, PTI Security System has created an intuitive mobile app designed to assist owners and operators in the commissioning of PTI’s latest smart locks.  Designed to initially support the onboarding of PTI’s latest smart lock and ancillary devices, StorSynx will become the app PTI customers use to onboard new devices for their facility. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this app will dramatically simplify the entire commissioning process.

Features Include

StorSynx has been completely designed with the operator in mind to assist in the commissioning of PTI’s latest smart locks beginning with ProEdge.

iOS and Android

Available now in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, StorSynx is a free download for operators.

Gateway Commissioning

Leveraging the power of the ProEdge Bluetooth Lumen radio, operators can easily commission a gateway to their access control network.

Lock Commissioning via QR Code

Scanning the locks specific QR code through StorSynx quickly populates StorLogix Cloud and assigns to a specific unit.

StorSynx - Designed to Scale

While specifically used for ProEdge commissioning today, as PTI continues to innovate new products for self-storage owners and operators, StorSynx will become the destination for commissioning PTI products into your StorLogix Cloud ecosystem.

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