Solution And Product Life Cycle 

DigiTech and Falcon2000 with Falcon Base Unit

PTI Security Systems is committed to assisting customers with their products throughout the product life cycle. We are proud to have offered these two industry-leading solutions for over two decades. As technology advances, PTI must keep pace to ensure serviceability and innovation remain core to our principles. In order to ensure a quality experience for our customers, we have begun the End of Life process on DigiTech and Falcon2000 with Falcon Base Unit products. Please refer to the chart below for the current status of these two product lines:

  • DigiTech: Sales and Direct Support are no longer available
  • Falcon 2000 with Falcon Base Unit: Sales, Direct Support, and PTI Partner Support are no longer available

In order to ensure a seamless transition, we work closely with our network of PTI Partners to ensure that every operator ready to migrate to the newest platform will be able to do so with minimal disruption. Please click the button below to begin your journey to our newest platform available.

StorLogix Cloud Platform

StorLogix Cloud Platform combines the latest technology with a deep understanding of self-storage security to give operators and tenants a world-class access control experience. The platform gives operators the ability to customize their access areas, respond to site incidences, and pull detailed reporting all from one cloud-based account. Tenants get one-touch facility access, unit activity reports, and mobile payments all from an easy-to-use mobile app.