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Keyless Access for Secure Self-Storage

The HELOX smart padlock by PTI Security Systems™ and Abloy offers self-storage operators and tenants an easy-to-use, almost impenetrable layer of protection for stored items and to maintain facility integrity. Designed to integrate with tenant-facing mobile application EasyCode and operator-facing mobile application StorLogix Mobile, the PTI HELOX padlock enhances keyless protection with no disruption to current access control systems while protecting vacant lots from improper usage.

Features Include:

System Capabilities:

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The changing demographics in self-storage tenants and the demand for simplified shareable key offerings require solutions that provide both elevated security and user convenience.

Discover the Advantages of Helox

Digital Key

Easily grant access to
another individual for a
specified period through the StorLogix Mobile and EasyCode apps.

Robust Construction

IP 68 grade, case-hardened
steel chassis provides a dust proof & waterproof lock that operates in temperatures of -25°C to 60°C for the most
demanding environments.

Integrated and Connected

Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 55 yards, the HELOX integrates seamlessly with any smart device while connecting to the PTI platform for central control.

Contactless Rentals

With HELOX, operators can provide tenants with a fully automated rental process for true 24/7 contact-less rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do managers gain access to the HELOX smart padlock?

  • HELOX is integrated into StorLogix Mobile for operators open Vacant Units.
  • Since this is a primary lock, they are not allowed to control a Rented Unit’s lock.

What happens when the customer doesn’t pay their storage bill, and the unit gets auctioned and re-rented? How does the facility regain control of the lock?

  • They vacate the unit via Property Management System (PMS) to StorLogix Cloud (SLC), and then they can control it with StorLogix Mobile (SLM).
  • As long as the unit is rented, only the tenant can open it, but the owner/manager can trigger the Overlock function so it won’t open for the tenant until they are paid up. This will happen automatically with the PMS integrations, but the managers can manually suspend units whenever they want.

How easy is it to cut?

  • This is not a standard padlock. This lock has been proven to defeat manual bolt cutters while testing HELOX.
  • The shackle is made from 10 mm case-hardened boron steel and has been thoroughly tested in our world-class manufacturing facility in Finland.

How does an operator view battery life?

  • The battery status can be viewed with StorLogix Cloud.
  • HELOX will operate up to 5,000 openings.
  • HELOX can be powered via USB-C cable to unlock the lock in the case of a battery drain.

Is EasyCode used at all access points and HELOX?

  • Yes, EasyCode can open normal doors and gates as usual plus will be required to open HELOX.

What is the Bluetooth range for the HELOX smart padlock?

  • 55 yards – However, the tenant must first wake up the lock by pressing the button on the bottom, so they will already be right in front of the lock.

What is the IP Classification?

What happens if HELOX is taken outside the geofence? What is to keep it from being used at another location?

  • HELOX is “bricked”… meaning it will not function with any app and will not be useful to the thief.

What if tenants forget to re-lock the unit? Is there a notification to the tenant, or the manager?

  • Details like “lock jammed “and “lock not closed” are also reported back to SLC from the tenant’s phone.

What else is reported back to the tenant?

  • Details like “lock jammed “and “lock not closed” are also reported back to SLC from the tenant’s phone.

How will tenants open HELOX?

  • EasyCode can open normal doors and gates as usual plus will be required to open HELOX.

Is there any kind of GPS lock tracking if it disappears.  Customers can just say I don’t know what happened to it, even if they cut it off to access a delinquent unit.

  • No, it turns into a brick and can no longer be used. It’s up to the Owner / Operator how they want to handle this.

What does a manager have to do to first set up EasyCode and then set up the HELOX?  

  • The locks are commissioned easily through SLC. It’s fully integrated so there is nothing needed for a tenant or owner to do after linking the locks to the units in SLC.

What are the steps in setting up a cell phone to connect to HELOX?

  • Sign up normally for EasyCode. Nothing new required. Everything is done on the backend automatically.
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