DigiGate Keypads are PTI’s legacy keypad model, backed by more than 25 years of experience. Among the Digitech Keypads are three different models that feature easy set-up and wiring, an on-board tamper switch, device operating relay, and two independent alarm inputs to the system.

DigiGate 700 Keypad

DigiGate 700 Keypads are easy to install and configure, and can quickly connect to a Uni-Mux enabled system.

Features Include:

• Stainless-steel faceplace

• Easy to install 11-wire interface

• Facility intercom connectivity

• Heavy gauged aluminum housing

• Illuminated keypad and intercom button

DigiGate 700LC Keypad

Welcome users and advertise specials using the 4-Line display on DigiGate 700LC Keypads. 

Features Include:

• Stainless-steel faceplace

• Heavy gauged aluminum housing

• Illuminated keypad and intercom button

• Four-line, easy-to-read display

• Customizable user messages

DigiGate 700LX Keypad

A flexible alternative to the 700 Keypad, the DigiGate-700LX provides more capabilities expanded control functions. 

Features Include:

• Illuminated keypad and intercom button

• Rotary switches for quick configuration

• Heavy-gauged aluminum housing

• Alarm inputs on-board


DigiTech Product Life Cycle

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