A Cloud-Based IoT Platform Built To Help Your Facility Run Smarter 

PTI CORE™ Platform is a transformational cloud-based IoT technology solution that allows self-storage owners and operators to view, manage, and automate facility operations through an online portal. PTI’s CORE gives you the insights and automation your business needs to run smarter.  

What is C.O.R.E.?


PTI CORE provides centralized data management for collecting, storing, and retrieving information from a single system across an entire portfolio. With standard API integrations, you can collect actionable insights without the need to replace or add any hardware to your existing system.


PTI CORE allows you to access, view, and even command your on-site devices from anywhere. The IoT technology listens and learns from your on-premise devices and details the findings in a customized online dashboard.


With a customizable dashboard, you gain real-time visibility into the health of your devices, track performance, and measure business impact. Manage all of your devices, locations, customers, and transactions from one screen in the PTI CORE Platform.


Remotely install software/firmware updates, view access activity, update inventory, and even receive predictive analytics on renter behaviors and system health. With an enterprise-level dashboard and multi-facility views, PTI CORE is scalable for self-storage portfolios of all sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PTI CORE?

PTI CORE is a cloud-based software platform that empowers self-storage owners & operators to view, manage, and automate operations across an entire portfolio from a single login.  anage their devices, and predictive analytics tool for the self-storage industry. As an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, PTI CORE allows self-storage businesses to store, access, and program data over the Internet instead of a computer hard drive.

How does CORE work?

PTI CORE works by listening and learning from your on-site devices and reporting information via a custom dashboard in our online portal. The same way you can monitor and change your smart thermostat from your mobile device, PTI CORE allows you to access, view, and send commands to your on-premise devices from anywhere in the world.

What are the hardware requirements for CORE?

One of the best things about PTI CORE is there’s no need to buy additional hardware to begin using it! PTI CORE works with existing PTI access control equipment using cloud-based technology. 

Will CORE™ work with my property management software?

Absolutely! CORE integrates with all major property management software programs through a standard API.

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