Put Your Site on Display with COREGraphics from PTI

A valuable part of every facility, the COREGraphics software system enhances the image of your property to existing and potential customers. The attractive, customizable program can improve the management, marketing, and working aspects of your business while increasing profitability.

With Site Builder software, make custom changes to the on-screen image using simple building tools. Convert units and other areas with a few mouse clicks. Site Builder is an easy-to-use tool for revising the facility map of adjusting indicator colors.

COREGraphics Features:

  • Fully integrates with legacy COREGraphics maps
  • Viewer program that is fully customizable to fit your layout
  • Built on Unity Gaming Engine for enhanced graphics,
    providing a 3D appearance to 2D sitemaps
  • Enhanced details that can show everything from intercom
    stations and keypads to dumpsters and restrooms
  • Flexibility that allows for the Site Assistant software to grow with the facility as size and capabilities expand
  • Includes an “On-Site” information bar with real-time updates
  • Customized and color-coded facility maps provide the ability to quickly track site activity and guide prospective customers to featured units

Integrated Solutions:

  • Alert systems, for an added layer of security in areas of the facility that require notification or protection
  • Wireless door alarms, to further illustrate the exact status of every door in the facility
  • COREGraphics is interactive with the FalconXT system controller and StorLogix software from PTI Security Systems and can display security logs through a split-screen presentation.


Site Builder Features:

  • Adjust the system as the business changes and grows.
  • Easily combine multiple units, or split a unit.
  • Color coding is customizable to match your corporate look.
  • Add logos or other images to further customize your layout.


Available Downloads