How to Operate a Self-Storage Business in the Age of Social Distancing

With social distancing in effect across the nation, many businesses are struggling to adapt to our new normal — including self-storage operations.

With social distancing in effect across the nation, many businesses are struggling to adapt to our new normal — including self-storage operations. From concerns about the health and safety of tenants to business and financial considerations, self-storage owners and operators have a lot on their minds. For most, any resources that make their jobs a little easier right now are a welcome relief.

At PTI, we’re committed to helping self-storage operations navigate this difficult time. We understand how important it is to maintain first-rate security and deliver an exceptional tenant experience, so we’ve compiled a list of considerations to help you adapt your operations to meet the challenges of our modern world.

Remote Access

Cloud computing is in the spotlight because it’s enabling many operations to achieve business continuity during the age of social distancing. As state and local governments implement mandatory lockdowns, businesses are operating in virtual office spaces. The cloud is a vital resource that makes these virtual operations possible.

Cloud-based access control systems allow owners and operators to manage their self-storage operations from anywhere in the world. Supported by features like remote accessibility, real-time notifications and site activity reports, self-storage owners and operators have constant visibility to the information they need to ensure their facilities are safe and secure, even when they aren’t physically located on site.

Mobile Accessibility

A recent study shows that coronavirus can spread from contact with surfaces or objects. So, the fewer surfaces tenants need to touch, the lower the odds of transmission. By implementing a tenant-facing mobile access app, tenants can access gates and other areas of your facility without touching a keypad.

Premium security measures are always valuable for achieving competitive advantage in crowded local markets, but they are especially reassuring now. If tenants can access your facility from their cars by simply tapping a button on their mobile devices, it’s easier for them to practice social distancing and take other measures to protect their personal health.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is a fundamental element of robust self-storage security. Without the ability to visually monitor facilities and units, facility operators are flying blind — especially when social distancing measures make site visits difficult or impossible.

When combined with advanced analytics and smart cameras, high-quality video surveillance solutions enable remote monitoring for site operators. The most advanced solutions can automatically detect threats, alerting authorities, and operators to security incidents in real-time.

User-Friendly Website

Recent restrictions have made customers’ ability to interact with self-storage businesses more challenging. In many cases, customer interactions are primarily happening online as customers use company websites to research services, complete purchases, and finalize payments.

A convenient, user-friendly website is essential for any self-storage operation. More than ever, prospects and tenants require clear visibility to the services you offer. They also need the ability to rent units and pay monthly bills either online or using your operation’s mobile app.

Additional Considerations

Business owners across the nation are adapting their facilities and routines to our current reality. For many businesses, this means taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of disease through surface exposure or human contact.

Every self-storage needs to determine which actions are appropriate for its tenants and business. But in general, it’s advisable to apply antibacterial wipes to keypads, door handles, and other high-touch surfaces one or more times each day. Additionally, you should consider posting signage instructing tenants to maintain social distancing when they are on site.

Social distancing changing many self-storage industry activities — at least for now. If you are struggling to determine how to adapt your self-storage operation to accommodate social distancing or other considerations, reach out to a PTI Representative and we’ll help you create a strategy that’s right for you and your tenants.

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