Security and operational efficiency are growing concerns in the self-storage industry. According to research from the Self Storage Association, today’s tenants don’t simply select the closest self-storage facility. Instead, they choose a facility based on security and other advantages – and they’re willing to pay more for facilities that offer the features they care about. Video surveillance technology improves your ability to offer tenants a safe and secure facility. But traditional human monitoring isn’t efficient or cost-effective. So, operators often face the difficult choice of either living with the cost of human monitoring or viewing video footage after events occur and the damage is done. Next-generation video surveillance technology brings a best-of-both-worlds solution to the self-storage industry. The integration of WiZR™, a cloud-based video analytics package powered by artificial intelligence (AI), with the PTI CORE™ platform creates new opportunities for continuous video surveillance and other benefits without the high cost of traditional human monitoring.  

PTI CORE™ and WiZR™: Next-Generation Video Surveillance

The combination of WiZR and PTI CORE represents a big step forward in video monitoring, event recording and proactive response for self-storage operators. A cloud-based solution, PTI CORE consolidates video cameras and all other IoT devices on a centralized platform. With a single view, you can monitor all of your facility’s devices in one place – a big improvement over the disparate systems and technologies that can complicate self-storage security. WiZR is an AI-enabled video analytics solution that works seamlessly with your existing CCTV or IP-enabled camera systems and processors. Integration with PTI CORE provides instant visibility to video events and lets you tailor notifications based on event type and other criteria. Essentially, the WiZR integration allows the PTI CORE platform to act like human eyes. Based on parameters you set, the system automatically detects specific events like an intruder jumping a fence or a customer wandering into an unauthorized area of your facility. When the system detects an incident, it triggers a notification – owners, security and/or local police instantly receive the precise location of the incident and video footage, so the situation can be resolved as quickly as possible. Unlike video surveillance systems without monitoring, PTI CORE with WiZR integration detects incidents in real time. With constant visibility to security threats and rapid response capabilities, you can significantly improve the prevention of damage, theft and other costly incidents.  

The Benefits of Advanced Video Surveillance for Self-Storage Operators

PTI CORE™ with WiZR™ integration is a next-generation video analytics solution that solves security and operational challenges in self-storage. By introducing AI to your current video surveillance system, the dual firepower of PTI CORE™ and WiZR™ creates several important benefits for your operation.

Seamless Security

Most video surveillance systems do a mediocre job of preventing incidents. If the system records a video for later viewing, the damage happens long before the police arrive and you’re left to deal with property loss or repairs to your facility. Continuous monitoring helps, but human error and lapses in judgment can still leave your facility vulnerable. The PTI CORE/WiZR solution significantly decreases risk by enabling constant and accurate visibility to security threats in real time. By determining the specific events that require monitoring, the technology handles the rest – eliminating the potential for coverage lapses, misidentification and human error.

Operational Efficiency

Advanced video surveillance technology with video analytics plays an important role in improving the operational efficiency of your facility. The use of artificial intelligence allows the system to differentiate between real events and nuisance events (e.g., the movement of tree branches or animals crossing the path of the video system). This means you’ll no longer waste time responding to triggers caused by false alarms. If desired, WiZR can generate a daily FILO (first in, last out) report to ensure the site is appropriately staffed and supervised at all times.

Cost Savings

AI-powered video surveillance generates measurable cost savings for your operation. By preventing events like theft, unauthorized dumping, and site damage, you avoid thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement costs. Likewise, the reduction or elimination of overnight security guards and patrols provides a significant boost to the operation’s bottom line. Keep in mind that PTI CORE with WiZR integration is a plug-and-play solution that works with your site’s existing analog or IP-based video system. Unlike other systems, you can save additional money by continuing to use the hardware you currently rely on for video surveillance.

Must-Have Features in Video Surveillance Technology

Not all advanced video surveillance systems are created equal. With plenty of options to choose from in today’s marketplace, you need to make sure the solution you select provides the features and capabilities necessary to protect your facility and give your business an operational edge.
The PTI CORE platform with WiZR integration contains several must-have features in video surveillance for self-storage operators, including:
  • Single, Centralized View – The PTI CORE platform delivers a convenient, centralized view of all cameras and IoT devices so you have constant visibility to key elements of your facility’s security plan.
  • AI-Powered Video Analytics – WiZR integration enables powerful video analytics for the automatic detection of security threats based on parameters you establish, reducing or eliminating your dependence on costly human monitoring. WiZR’s AI capabilities also reduce false alarms and improve the accuracy of video surveillance.
  • Real-Time Trigger Notifications – When security incidents occur, PTI CORE with WiZR integration responds in real time, giving owners, security teams and local authorities a chance to react to security threats before damage or theft occurs.
  • Automatic Notification of Authorities and Management Staff – PTI CORE with WiZR integration automatically notify authorities and/or management staff about security incidents. Facility operators can also opt to receive text messages when surveillance devices detect specific events (e.g., the arrival or departure of site managers).
  • Cloud Architecture – PTI CORE with WiZR integration is a cloud-based video analytics platform. Cloud architecture means you can enjoy anytime, anywhere access to information about the security of your facility.
Artificial intelligence and advanced video analytics are game changers for self-storage operators. The PTI CORE platform with WiZR integration offers powerful video analytics built on a convenient, centralized platform – everything you need to reduce costs and improve efficiency in your operation.

Are you ready to learn more about the possibilities available at your facility through the integration of PTI CORE and WiZR?