When asking yourself “how do people think of self-storage units?” or “what happens at self storage facilities?” news of people living in units, break-ins, and vandalism might come to mind. These stories highlight the fact that people really aren’t sure what to expect when they think about renting a storage unit. With this in mind, what concerns your renters and potential customers the most? Self storage customers repeatedly list safety and cleanliness as the most important attributes of any self storage facility.


Women are your target customer 

General estimates show that women make up about 75 percent of the storage unit rental market, and some estimates suggest that this number is even higher. Typically, these women are willing to pay more for a highly-secured facility.


“How can I distinguish my facility?”

The self-storage industry is a good one to be in, with many metropolitan areas struggling to meet the demands of consumers looking for storage space. But is it enough to offer a clean, well-lit facility?

In a competitive market, security is a great and relatively inexpensive way to set your self storage facility apart.


Preventing unauthorized entry at your site.

Have you ever been to a gated community or facility and had trouble remembering the entry code?

You’re sitting at the keypad for what seems like an eternity struggling to remember your code. In an effort to be considerate, you signal the SUV behind you to go around. You then realize how simple it is to tailgate that person. If it’s that easy for you, isn’t it just as easy for someone trying to break into the facility?

What if there was a way to help prevent tailgating with an integrated security system? It would be a relief to many self-storage owners who worry about illegitimate access to their facility but can’t afford a security guard to sit at the gate.


We’re evolving the self-storage industry…

There’s more to talk about, including easy installation. To get started on your facility’s security upgrade, contact us at your convenience.