The Smart Thermostat has already made its mark on our homes as a valuable tool for monitoring and maintaining proper ambiance and room temperature. But our homes are not the only places where our belongings live – 65% of Americans use self-storage units to house our most valuable possessions. While these units provide a much-needed service, they pose the potential issue of not being monitored closely. For self-storage property managers, the burden of watching over countless valuables cost their owners money and can take a toll on business resources.

Increasingly, storage units are outfitted with smart thermostat technology. PTI CORE is a leading provider of cloud-based real-time information regarding the status of storage unit facilities. Our ability to monitor units comes from our unique integration of the Smart Thermostat into storage facilities.

PTI CORE will help self-storage owners reduce the cost of heating and cooling with the ability to constantly and consistently monitor their facilities.  For example, PTI CORE will help facility owners monitor if a door is held open by a customer as they move in and out.  Monitoring these “held doors” eliminates heating and cooling the outside by a door held open.

In addition, PTI CORE will also keep track of unit temperatures, reducing the occurrence of claims from tenants that their items were damaged due to inconsistent climate control conditions. Self-storage property managers who are required to continually walk their facilities to check temperature settings will be able to increase their productivity with the ability to control each temperature access point. Even the specialty self-storage market can significantly benefit from the abilities of a smart thermostat. For example, a wine storage facility would need the flexibility to control humidity levels and conditions for the optimal aging of their tenant’s belongings.

But which smart thermostat is right for your building and your units? PTI offers four varying smart thermostats to help you decide which model best fits your storage needs, including:

  • Ecobee 3 Lite
  • Ecobee 4 with Alexa Voice
  • Nest E, and the
  • Honeywell T5

Ecobee3 Lite

This model is modestly priced (estimated $169.00) and delivers valuable temperature metrics right to your smartphone. The Ecobee3 Lite offers optional remote sensors, touchscreen technology, live local weather tracking, humidity monitoring, occupancy motion sensing, and a three-year warranty. This unit works with dehumidifiers, includes Apple HomeKit Support, Amazon Alexa Support, and a Power Extending Kit. No C-Wire is required for do-it-yourself or professional installation. Additionally, retrieve historical information from up to 15 months prior!



Ecobee4 with Alexa Voice

The next generation of the Ecobee3 Lite, the Ecobee4 with Alexa Voice, offers an elevated level of temperature control and monitoring. The model gives you more for your money (estimated $249.00), with remote sensors included, a five-year warranty and a 4.5 out of 5 stars from Tom’s Guide rating. The Ecobee4 like the 3, allows users to retrieve historical data from up to 15 months prior and includes a state of the art touch screen to adjust temperatures easily and scroll through features. This thermostat also offers Apple HomeKit Support, Amazon Alexa Support, and is compatible with dehumidifiers. With live local weather tracking, remote humidity monitoring, and motion sensing technology, the Ecobee4 with Alexa Voice is the perfect tool to ensure your units are always at the optimum temperature. State of the art Alexa voice is built right into this Smart Thermostat, allowing you to make adjustments to room ambiance without lifting a finger.

Nest Thermostat E

The Nest E’s simple design takes the guesswork out of managing your storage unit temperature. With optional remote sensors, this model is yet another affordable choice (estimated $169.00). While its historical data retrieval is not as vast as either of the Ecobee models, you can still reference up to 10 days of temperature condition information. Its’ one-year warranty covers this device and its many features, including humidity monitoring, motion sensing, AppleHome Support Kit, and Amazon Alexa Support.

Honeywell T5

The Honeywell T5 is the most economical Smart Thermostat offered by PTI Core at an estimated $129.00. With the T5 you can program temperatures up to seven days in advance. This reliable model offers a sleek style and a handy mobile app that provides you security in knowing the exact temperature of your unit at all times. It requires a C-wire coming from your HVAC system and can be installed by yourself or by a professional.

The Bottom Line

Smart thermostat technology allows owners and property managers the ability to monitor and manage room temperatures remotely, with the touch of a button. PTI Core is a proven provider of cloud-based monitoring systems for storage facilities. Interested in learning more about the specifics of smart thermostat technology in your facility? Let PTI’s expert team aid you in finding the right thermostat system for your self-storage business needs and provide the peace of mind that your tenant’s valuables are safe and secure.



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