PTI Security Systems is committed to providing the highest quality access control solutions to our customers. The PTI process for product lifecycle management simplifies the portfolio and creates a more streamlined menu of solutions & products that enable an easy and efficient selection of the right solution for each unique situation. This process also provides operational efficiencies for PTI and our Partners, helping us to deliver on our commitment to improve the way we do business together.

The following are the most commonly asked questions with corresponding guidance:

When will DigiTech and Falcon 2000 & Falcon Base Unit no longer be available to purchase?

PTI will be selling all remaining inventory to the PTI Partner Network through May 28, 2021. Self-Storage owners and operators can purchase these products directly from PTI Partners while inventory lasts.

How can I get a list of PTI Partners?

The PTI Partners are listed on the PTI website at www.ptisecurity.com. You can search for partners by location or review the complete list at your convenience.

How will DigiTech be supported going forward?

PTI Technical Support will discontinue direct support to self-storage operators on May 28, 2021. Support for these solutions will be directed to a PTI Partner for assistance. PTI will continue to offer support to the PTI Partners for Falcon 2000 & Base Unit until May 28, 2021, and for DigiTech until December 3, 2021. After their respective dates, PTI will no longer offer support services for these solutions, moving them to an End-of-Life Status.

What does End of Life mean?

End of Life is a term commonly used to describe products and solutions that are no longer being sold or supported. The product or solution is typically replaced with newer technology that is better positioned for the demands of the current market and future innovation. PTI’s cloud-based access control solution is the future of access control in self-storage. While it is generally available today, with hundreds of installations, the new experience, is set to release in August 2021.

Why are Digitech and Falcon 2000 being moved to End of Life status?

Both solutions were considered technologically advanced solutions for more than two decades. They were considered by most to be the two best solutions in the self-storage industry. Today, those technologies are outdated.  Several of the components that make up the solution were End-of-Life’d years ago, making it a challenge to maintain at a reasonable cost to operators. As well, demands for newer capabilities and functionality are not possible with these older technologies and will not support the demands of the access control industry today or in the future. That is why PTI invested heavily in Storlogix Cloud’s new experience (available Fall 2021) to provide self-storage operators the best solution moving forward to meet the demands of access control of tomorrow.

Even though the hardware may be out-of-date, why is PTI no longer servicing or supporting the customers with this technology?

The demands of the self-storage operator have greatly advanced in just the last two years. These technologies are not capable of servicing those demands today, and PTI has another solution that is better positioned for the next decade of technological advancements. The resources dedicated to DigiTech and Falcon 2000 & Base Unit will become fully focused on the current solution, enabling PTI to provide timely and expeditious support to our customers and partners.

Today, 1/3 of PTI’s support is focused on maintaining and supporting legacy technologies.  As we end-of-life these solutions, those resources will become available to support the current solutions on the latest technologies, positioning PTI to offer the reliable service experience the industry expects.

What should a self-storage operator use to replace the Digitech or Falcon 2000 solution?

PTI has invested significantly in the cloud access control solution to ensure operators are able to maximize their investments for the decade ahead. Since March of 2020, PTI’s cloud access control installations have outpaced traditional physical access control systems by more than 350%, with 0.65% cancellations. It is clear; the self-storage industry has chosen the cloud access control solution over traditional systems. This solution offers enterprise capabilities, enhanced support, maximum integration, unlimited expansion and potential for innovation.

Our PTI Partner network is trained and available to assist you in planning your access control strategy for the future. By visiting our Partner Page at www.ptisecurity.com, you can select the Partner best positioned to assist you.

What if I have multiple locations around the country?

No manufacturer has locations in every city around the country. That is why PTI has strategically invested in our Partner network. Our trained Partners are positioned in every region to serve your business needs. We strongly recommend having local relationships with PTI Partners who can physically visit your site on-demand to deliver resolutions in the shortest amount of time. PTI supports the Partner network with direct phone-in services to ensure no partner is waiting on a site for a call back.

And if I prefer to have one group handle our access control strategy and services?

Most of our Partners are well connected with each other, offering nationwide scalability, and many storage operators prefer to have one primary group function as their consultant. In these instances, the Partner of your choice can perform project specifications, layouts, consultations, and more from your corporate offices or remotely. When site visits are required throughout the country, or in areas they are not physically located, they will often send a team or coordinate with a local partner to provide the services you require. It is really about building relationships with the right Partners who have the experience you need to rely upon. No one has more experience in self-storage security than the PTI Partner network.

I have not heard about PTI’s dial-in services before?  Tell me more.

PTI’s Partner network is comprised of the most dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable installers and dealers of access control in self-storage. They can reduce time to resolution for most sites by over 60%, and PTI supports their efforts as needed with on-demand dial-in support. Though Partners usually resolve challenges without the need for PTI Support help, our technical support agents are standing by to answer calls and assist technicians in the field with their installation and maintenance needs. In 2021, our time to resolution on Partner calls is less than 14 minutes.