Elevating the Tenant Experience and Operational Efficiency: The Role of Smart Technology in Self-Storage Facilities

Smart technology in self-storage offer convenience and security for tenants, while providing operators with data-driven insights to improve property management efficiency. It does require a long term view by operators but the benefits are tangible and can be felt day one.

Smart technology and smart locks represent a transformative technology that has the potential to drastically change the self-storage industry, benefiting both tenants and operators alike. By combining convenience, security, and data-driven insights, smart technology elevates the tenant experience while providing operators with better data to manage their properties effectively. Here’s how smart technology can accomplish this dual objective:

Convenient Access

Traditional self-storage facilities often require tenants to carry physical keys or access codes to enter the property of their units, which can be cumbersome and prone to loss or theft. Smart technology that leverages Bluetooth connectivity eliminates these limitations by offering keyless access solutions, allowing tenants to unlock their units using their smartphones or personal access codes. Similar technology can be found on the PTI AP1 Smart Keypad, which allows tenants to access a property through a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app. This seamless and convenient access experience enhances tenant satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of access-related issues.

Enhanced Security

Security is paramount in self-storage facilities, as tenants entrust operators to safeguard their valuable belongings. Smart locks offer advanced security features such as encryption, tamper detection, and real-time monitoring capabilities similar to the built-in accelerometer found on the PTI ProEdge Smart Latch. Operators can remotely manage access permissions and receive instant notifications of any unauthorized access attempts, enabling them to respond promptly to security threats and mitigate risks. In fact, many operators charge a slight premium for this additional security and notification capability that is only available to operators who use smart technology.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Smart locks provide operators with valuable data insights that can streamline facility management and operations. By monitoring access activity, operators gain visibility into tenant behavior, including frequency of visits, duration of stays, and peak usage hours. This data enables operators to optimize facility resources, allocate staff more effectively, and anticipate demand fluctuations, ultimately improving operational efficiency and reducing overhead costs. Older combination padlocks and latches provide no data to the operator, unlike PTI’s Helox Padlock and ProEdge latch, which provide operators notifications and data to help them make better decisions surrounding their property.

Personalized Services

Smart locks enable operators to offer personalized services and amenities to tenants based on their preferences and usage patterns. For example, operators can implement dynamic pricing models based on usage frequency or provide incentives for long-term tenants. Additionally, operators can use data analytics to identify opportunities for upselling additional services or storage solutions tailored to individual tenant needs, thereby increasing revenue streams and tenant satisfaction. Without the data, operators are simply relying on anecdotal evidence to support a price increase or decrease.

Remote Management and Automation

Smart locks empower operators to manage access control and automate routine tasks remotely, reducing the need for onsite staff supervision. Operators can grant temporary access to authorized personnel or service providers remotely, eliminating the need for physical key exchanges or onsite visits. Furthermore, automated access logs and audit trails provide operators with a comprehensive record of access activity, enhancing accountability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Smart locks and smart tech represent a means for a more efficient self-storage model that delivers tangible benefits to both self-storage tenants and operators. PTI is one such company that is investing heavily in smart tech as expectations are changing to include greater automation with increased security and convenience, which can only be done using smart tech. Contact PTI for more information about how we can assist you in making your property smarter.

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