E- How to Locate Helpful Documentation in PTI’s Training System

Author: Adam J. Taylor

Adam J. Taylor is PTI’s Education and Training Manager. He writes all of the training programs for PTI’s Training Portal. He has worked in various roles at PTI for over seven years

For the last two years, PTI Security Systems has employed an all-digital product training model to open training accessibility to PTI’s vast number of dealers, installers, and customers, with the primary goals being:

  • Train personnel new to PTI products
  • Train on product updates
  • Train on any new PTI products
  • Offer any documentation helpful to PTI Trainees
  • Maintain communication with PTI Trainees to improve PTI Products and Training.

We instated a three-month training release schedule to achieve the set goals, meaning training releases covering various PTI hardware and software once a quarter. With the release schedule came a documentation mandate stating that with every training release, some form of documentation accompanies it. We created this post to show the reader where to find the archives for the information.

Embedded Documentation

The first place to find any documentation is in the training module itself. PTI produces text-only, non-voiceover training modules, and embedded in them will be a download link containing a document about the subject of the training.

embedded documentation icon for PTI security Systems StorLogix Mobile FAQ guide
Example of embedded documentation for StorLogix Mobile FAQs

Training Resources

The player for the animated voiceover training modules is the next place to find documentation. Located in the upper-right-hand corner of the training module is “RESOUCES,” holding the documents centered around the subject of the training module.

PTI Training Resources Icon
PTI Training Resources Icon

Additional References

Moving to the actual training system that houses the training modules. The third place to find product/training documentation is in the training course, under “Additional Resources.” A trainee can find all the documentation in the training modules and any additional documentation covering the training subject matter.

additional references section for PTI mobile products training in the PTI training system
Additional References Section for PTI Mobile Products Training

Content Library/Assets

The training system’s main trainee landing page is the final place to find training documentation. This one location houses all the documentation found in any courses offered by PTI Training. To locate the ultimate warehouse for the documents, click on “Content Library” at the upper left of the page, then in the “Content Type” box in the middle left of the page, check “Assets.”   

content library image in PTI training system
Content Library in PTI training system
dropdown menu for Content Library in the Assets tab in the PTI training System
Dropdown menu for Content Library in the Assets tab


PTI Training strives to bring trainees the latest and greatest information on PTI Products. One method is through current documentation either attached to the actual training or housed in the training system. With the four locations mentioned above, the trainee has access to product manuals, a training manual from legacy software, FAQs/Troubleshooting guides for the wireless locking system, and mobile products. Building on that, a trainee can take a course comprised only of Digigate product documentation. In the PTI Training System, many avenues are available to find the documentation for PTI products to make the trainee successful in all future encounters with PTI.

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