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Individual unit security is a crucial component of self-storage security. Give your tenants peace of mind and distinguish yourself as a best-in-class operation by providing more than just perimeter security with PTI’s DoorBoss. DoorBoss is a completely wireless electronic locking device that provides the highest level of individualized door security in the self-storage industry.

DoorBoss is a cost-effective solutions that can be installed on an occupied unit in under 4 minutes.

Easy Installation

DoorBoss helps you streamline operations by automating overlocking delinquent tenants and giving unit-level visibility for lock checks.

Improved Efficiency

The Most Trusted Wireless Electronic Smart Lock in Self-Storage

Additional Security

DoorBoss serves as a second layer of protection to an individual door lock as well as alerting management to unauthorized access.

Unlock The Benefits of DoorBoss

How It Works:

The Locking Mechanism Automatically opens when your tenant keys in their access code or uses the facility's mobile access app to enter your facility.

Once an access code is entered and your facility's gate opens your tenants have access to their unit door just as they normally would.

As your tenants re-enter their access code to it the facility, DoorBoss will automatically secure its locking mechanism again.