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10 Fundamentals of Access Control Troubleshooting

The keys to genuinely solving a problem are first understanding it. Too often, people quickly jump to solve a problem before finding its cause. Seeing a symptom and thinking that you know its origin is easy, but often, if you take the time to explore more deeply, you will find the cause is, in fact, just another symptom and that the problem lies much deeper within. The goal is not to correct the effects of the problem but to find the root of why the problem is occurring so that you can ensure that it will not happen in the future.

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How to Locate Helpful Documentation in PTI’s Training System

For the last two years, PTI Security Systems has employed an all-digital product training model to open training accessibility to PTI’s vast number of dealers, installers, and customers, with the primary goals being:
Train personnel new to PTI products
Train on product updates
Train on any new PTI products
Offer any documentation helpful to PTI Trainees
Maintain communication with PTI Trainees to improve PTI Products and Training

We instated a three-month training release schedule to achieve the set goals, meaning training releases covering various PTI hardware and software once a quarter. With the release schedule came a documentation mandate stating that with every training release, some form of documentation accompanies it. We created this post to show the reader where to find the archives for the information.

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