Can I Keep My Digitech Keypads And Upgrade My Self-Storage Security?

There are a lot of relatively new technologies in self-storage that make it easy to enhance the security at your facility so you can enhance your bottom line.

If you’re like most people in the self-storage business, you probably don’t think about your keypads or security system on a daily basis. You’re busy running your business—complete with customers to take care of, endless maintenance tasks to handle, and bills to pay. Keypads and your security system likely aren’t your primary concern.

This is especially true if you have rugged and reliable security hardware from PTI or Digitech. After all, these keypads are dependable and have worked well for years. So why fix something that isn’t broken?

Well, it’s simple. Upgrading your security system can be a key means of differentiating your self-storage facility from the competition, which means lower vacancies and higher rental rates.




Why Increased Security Measures Make Self-Storage Facilities More Attractive to Tenants


A news story featured on highlights why security matters to the millions of Americans who rent storage space: the concern that the items they have in self-storage aren’t safe.

As noted in the article, the thieves “take out a bolt cutter, clip off the padlock on an outdoor unit and begin loading their minivan with items from the unit.” All of this was done in broad daylight.

In an interview with former FBI agent Brad Garrett, he noted that the locks on storage unit doors are far from a theft deterrent and “the ability for people to go into [storage facilities] twenty-four hours a day sort of make[s] them ripe for people to steal items if they have a pass to get in.”

They may not even need a code or card to get through the gate. Many unauthorized vehicles enter facilities by tailgating. Gates and retractable arms are programmed to remain open long enough to let vehicles pass, so someone could enter your facility without even stopping at the keypad.

The common conception that storage facilities are unsafe and prone to break-ins presents an opportunity for you to set your self-storage facility apart from the competition.

When would-be tenants research you and your competitors, your top of the line security system could help you close business and command higher rental rates for your units.




Does Upgrading My Security Mean Losing My Old Digitech Keypads?


You may be wondering if upgrading your security means having to rip out your old keypads and replace them with something new. If you have Digitech or PTI keypads, the answer is “no.”

If you’re a current Digitech LC or LX user, your keypads are now compatible with PTI’s Falcon XT controller.

So, what does this new compatibility and integration between Digitech keypads and PTI’s Falcon XT controller mean for you?

It means an inexpensive and easy upgrade for your self-storage facility, including compatibility with PTI’s security software—StorLogix 5.0. StorLogix 5.0 seamlessly integrates with most management software and gives you access to PTI’s mobile applications—EasyCode and StorLogix mobile.

Upgrading your security with PTI will also allow you to get custom email alerts about disconnects, shorts, and other events, keeping you in the loop day and night for a worry-free ownership experience. And all of this is possible without having to replace your favorite Digitech keypads.

For more details about upgrading your storage security system download the Compatibility guide below or contact us.

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