#1 Security


It should come as no surprise that we believe security is the absolute best way to set yourself apart from your competition…we are a security company after all.  But guess what?  Your customers believe it too!  The meteoric rise of products like Nest Cam and SimpliSafe show the importance and prominence of security in today’s world.

According to a 2012 customer survey by Sparefoot, 90 percent of customers who booked a self storage unit listed security as “very” or “extremely” important.

We all want to protect the people and things we love most, and security resonates with your customer base.

Looking for a quick fix to boost your occupancy and stand out from your competitors? For a simple upgrade to an existing site, wireless door alarms are a great option.

Find out why door alarms are the best way to upgrade the security at your facility, and how easily you can retrofit door alarms, even in occupied units!



#2 Your Manager


In his new book, Self Storage Domination, Jim Ross plainly says: “your manager will make or break your business.” Your manager might be the only person your customers ever interact with at your self storage facility, so hiring the right person is crucial.  A manager that takes pride in her job and has a great attitude goes a long way.

Be sure to develop a training manual and take training seriously.  People have different skill sets and it’s important to have a manual for your manager to reference in the event they don’t get it the first time.



#3 Technology


Use service’s like CallPotential’s Lead Manager to make the most of every lead, and Enviro Kiosks from Advanced Kiosks to rent units after hours.

Using technology to stand out takes many forms, but take it from the millennial writing this: mobile apps are king.

Millennials aren’t the only customer base you want to target with mobile apps.  It’s true, we love them and use them religiously, but apps like EasyCode are great for all ages.

ADA compliance is key for any facility.  Apps like EasyCode aren’t required for compliance, but they do drastically improve your customer’s experience. Tenants with disabilities or mobility issues can have a really hard time with your gate and other access points, especially if they have to get out on an RV or moving van to scan in or enter their code at the gate.  Eliminate that hassle with EasyCode.

Watch this video to find out more about EasyCode from PTI.



#4 Events


Events let you really shake it up and bring your entire community to your front door.  Hold a facility wide garage sale, and publicize it on social and local media.

Think about having a charity sponsor so people can donate all or a portion of their sales.

Regardless of what you decide, be a part of the community.  Interaction and engagement can go a long way.  Most people want to support local businesses, so let them know you’re there!



 #5 Social Media


This one can seem super challenging, but really, it’s very simple and doesn’t require much time. Social media is a great tool for increasing the number of places potential customers can find you online.  You want to be everywhere you can!

You don’t have to post every day, but post at least once a week.  The worst thing you can do is set up a social channel and then go months without updates.

Post specials and events, but be sure to include pictures and videos when you can.  Social posts with video and photos get shared, liked, and commented on much more frequently than text only posts. Be sure to share images from events and candid office shot as well.  It will help customers connect with your company on a more personal level.



#6 Good Old Fashioned Maintenance


A little elbow grease goes a long way!  Being clean and well-lit is inexpensive, easy, and can have a great impact on your reputation.  Make sure your office is clean, organized, and doesn’t have any lingering odors.  It seems so obvious, but an untidy office makes a bad first impression.

If your doors start looking banged-up or faded, consider a face lift with Janus International’s™ Door Replacement Program.  If customers tour the facility and see rust, holes, or dents they probably won’t want to keep their things behind those doors.  Also, make sure the doors open and close smoothly.

High ceilings, metal doors, and concrete floors can make even the nicest facilities seem a little creepy.  Liven up the mood and feel by playing music throughout your facility.