5 Quick Tips To Spruce Up Your Self Storage Facility

It’s officially spring! With beautiful weather, spring cleaning, and lots of people moving, it’s easy to see why spring can be a busy season for self-storage facilities.


It’s officially spring! With beautiful weather, spring cleaning, and lots of people moving, it’s easy to see why spring can be a busy season for self-storage facilities. Whether you’re potential customers are looking to store their winter belongings or in the process of a move, now is the perfect time to prepare for the busy season ahead with a quick and easy facility face-lift. Check out our 5 quick tips to spruce up your facility and be ready for the high-demand of the season! 

1. Tidy Up Your Doors

If your facility needs a face lift, the first thing to consider is the condition of your doors. When determining where to rent a storage unit, modern-day tenants baseline their expectation around a facility’s security and cleanlinessEven if your doors aren’t extremely oxidized or faded, dust and grime can make your property look like its not well-maintained. Dirty, chalky or grimy roll-up doors can detract from the curb appeal of a self-storage facility and even lower the property value. Removing any dust, dirt and road salt will not only make your facility look better, it will protect the paint.

2. Update Your Website 

Sprucing up your website can have a huge positive impact on the bottom line of your business. There’s no need to spend months (and a ton of cash) on a complete redesign, but making a few small changes can go a long way. 

With a user-friendly layout, you can take potential tenants off the market the moment they are ready to rent with a number of convenient tools. An optimized website can provide a lease, insurance policy, and payment within a few clicks. Sound overwhelming? Learn more about a website spruce up from our friends at Automatit

3. Display It!

If you have a great security and video surveillance system, show it off! PTI’s COREGraphics software system is a valuable tool that enhances the image of your property to existing and potential customers. The attractive, customizable program can improve the management, marketing, and working aspects of your business while increasing profitability. Displaying your site on COREGraphics through a large monitors with video camera feeds can go a long way in making potential customers feel safe and secure from the moment they walk in your office.

4. Consider Sounds and Smells 

A self-storage facility can feel vast, overwhelming, and empty to your customers.  An easy way to make a potential customer feel at ease is to consider playing music throughout your facility. Secondly, scent is important – it’s the strongest sense tied to memory! The last thing you want is your customers remembering your site for its musty smells. If a facility smells bad, potential customers are more likely to think the site is unclean, be willing to pay less to store there, and ultimately will be less likely to chose that facility over the one down the road.  A pleasant-smelling facility that feels more homey and less like a large, open building with steel roll up doors and little more, is more likely to see new business and customer loyalty. 

These little things go a long way, especially when you’re looking for a competitive edge! 

5. Go Mobile!

Mobile apps are increasingly playing a vital role in all industries – and self-storage is no exception. The amount of time the average person spends on their mobile device has increased by 575%, making mobile accessibility not only a vital component for self-storage businesses – but the industry standard. However, an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website.

If your smart access control system comes with a customer-facing mobile app, such as PTI’s EasyCode, your tenants don’t have to worry about losing their magnetic swipe card, fob or forgetting their access code. A simple tap on their smartphone can grant your tenants gate or door access, and even access to their unit with electronic smartlocks. 

The average consumer in the modern world is constantly on the move and wants convenient, immediate access to their possessions and information. Providing a simple solution such as EasyCode can give your facility a huge competitive advantage. 

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