5 Blogs Every Self-Storage Professional Should Subscribe To

Like any industry, staying up-to-date on the latest industry news and trends is one of the best ways that you can maintain that success.


Like any industry, self-storage requires years of hard work in order to achieve success. Once secured, maintaining the continued success of your self-storage business can be even more challenging. Staying up-to-date on the latest industry news and trends is one of the best ways that you can maintain that success.

Luckily, the self-storage industry has lots of online tools to help you run your business and provide solutions to the daily challenges that facility owners, operators, managers, investors, and developers face in a competitive market. Below we’ve compiled a list of online blogs that we recommend using as resources to stay informed. 

Inside Self Storage

Inside Self Storage (referred to throughout the industry as ISS) provides the most up-to-date news in the industry, and their blog features lots of high-quality articles. The website is updated daily and features ten different topic categories with multiple sections per category. With consistent, valuable information on the industry, trends, and events plus frequent contributions from industry leaders, everyone in self-storage can benefit from the content on ISS’s blog. 

Self Storage Association

If you own a self-storage business, you’re probably aware of the effectiveness of attending local events and conferences hosted by the Self Storage Association (SSA). SSA helps its members gain valuable and relevant industry knowledge by bringing together self-storage associations on the national, regional, and state level. Although relatively new to the blogging scene, the content published by the SSA carries years of experience; they’ve been a leader in advancing public awareness of the self-storage industry since 1975. 

The SSA blog stands out from the rest because unlike other blogs in the industry, SSA provides expertise on legislative information. From the legal bindings of a rental agreement to understanding the laws that protect you and your tenants as consumers, the government plays a powerful role in self-storage industry on a local, state, and national level. It’s vital that self-storage business owners keep up with legislative news, and the SSA blog is a great resource.

MiniCo Blog 

MiniCo has a prominent name within the industry for its affordable, short-term insurance programs. The MiniCo Insurance Agency has been a provider of specialty insurance products and publications for the self-storage industry since1974. The MiniCo blog provides a series of insightful, industry-relevant posts to help readers keep informed of the latest trends in the marketplace as well as great content. MiniCo’s blog post generates an ample amount of original material but also showcases several articles that are written by industry experts. The assortment of expertise throughout MiniCo’s blog post will always leave you with a new takeaway to apply to your business practices. 

PTI Blog

PTI’s blog delivers a wide range of knowledge from a collective group of self-storage professionals in all aspects of the industry – from trends in technology, marketing strategies, advice for operations, how-to’s, and even opinions from those in the field. Whether you’re visiting our blog with a specific question in mind or just looking for a quick read, PTI’s blog is sure to have something of interest for everyone. Our goal through curating an industry blog is to provide self-storage industry professionals with expert insight into industry trends so they can adapt to the shifting market. By generating awareness of industry news, we hope our readers can effectively apply new concepts to their business strategies for advancement.


Lots of small business blogs are written with the objective of selling you something for your small business. There are some blogs, however, that do provide guidance, insights, and advice for small business owners about how to build successful ventures, one of our favorites being BizSugar. 

BizSugar is a blog with small business news and tips that are crowd-curated by a community of readers that share business blog posts, videos, and other content from which readers of the blog can learn something. The website offers online training and events, as well as covers a wide range of topics from sales, marketing, operations, finance, and event staffing. The community votes as a whole on member-submitted information, advice, and tips with the most popular posts (or what’s considered by the community to be most useful) advanced to the home page.

You can find an endless source of industry insights, news, and tips at your fingertips by keeping up with industry-related blogs. While it’s easy to ignore your daily reading list, the truth is that staying up to date on blogs is a great way to keep in tune with what’s happening in the self-storage industry. We hope you find all 5 of these blogs worth reading to educate yourself on new trends, and even leave with a few new takeaways to apply to your business. 

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