At the end of the day, self-storage operators all want the same thing: maximum revenue. Individual unit-door technology isn’t only an important component in improving a site’s overall security, it can be a profitable income stream and serve as a competitive differentiator. Keep reading to discover some of the benefits of investing in smart locks.


1. Increased Rent 

If charging a premium for your storage units has ever felt out of reach, upgrading your door security is one of the best ways to make it possible. By offering the latest technology and advanced features, you’re able to command a higher price in the marketplace. There’s a direct correlation between superior security and top rental rates. 


2. Competitive Advantage

Many self-storage operators overlook the extra layer of protection smart locks provide. Thanks to technological advances, however, the integration of these tools into your existing access-control system is easier and more affordable than ever. In an environment as competitive as self-storage, advanced security measures are a key differentiator for tenants in their choice of facility. An upgraded unit-security offering is a unique marketing opportunity, showing how your facility goes above and beyond to ensure tenant’s possessions are safe and sound. 


3. Peace of Mind

Self-storage operators worldwide have adopted top-notch security because they understand how important it is to give their customers peace of mind. Your tenants care about their valuables, so it’s crucial they feel those belongings are protected. Upgrading your door locks shows you’re focused on providing the security and safety they desire.


4. Customer Convenience 

Smart locks can be controlled via a keypad at the facility access gate or an integrated mobile app. When the tenant enters his code, the unit door will unlock, providing a simple, stress-free experience. The app makes the customer’s visit a breeze, as he doesn’t have to memorize any codes or fumble with a magnetic card. This convenience provides an even greater sense of control.


5. Facility Efficiency

An upgrade to unit-door security yields operational benefits as well. Smart locks provide insight to the status of each unit instantaneously through your access-control management software. This improves daily efficiency by eliminating the need for arduous lock checks. Smart locks can also help minimize tenant delinquency. If a past-due customer somehow gains access to your property, the lock will still deny unit admittance until the account is brought current.


Today’s consumers seek self-storage businesses that can deliver the highest security and convenience—and they’re willing to pay for it. In a competitive marketplace, delivering an upgraded door-lock solution can help improve customer acquisition and retention and ultimately improve your bottom line.


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