Creating a positive experience for your customers starts and  ends with strong security.  Earlier this week a frequent user of self storage said the following about the storage facility she uses: “the building has huge ceilings and no one is ever there. It’s kind of creepy to be there alone.”

Even the nicest self storage facilities can seem unsafe to your customers, and that’s why PTI is making it easy to upgrade your site’s security with our latest security software—StorLogix 5.0.


Curious what a software update and upgrade will do for you?  Here are four of the most exciting benefits of StorLogix:


1. Simplify your day with StorLogix Mobile – A security software app designed for owners and operators.


Have you ever had a customer forget their access code while you were out of the office or at home?  If so, what a pain! Even when you’re touring or inspecting the facility, you don’t want to stop what you’re doing to let a forgetful or past due tenant in the gate.

StorLogix mobile was designed to help make your day easier. You can grant gate access and view and clear alarms from your phone with the StorLogix mobile app.

The ability to grant access and clear alarms from anywhere are great time saving features, but StorLogix mobile also increases security at your facility after hours and is ideal for monitoring remote sites.

With StorLogix mobile you can see who’s on site at any time and receive alerts when alarms are triggered.  This allows you to proactively respond to any issues on site and to see if any tenants are entering or exiting the facility at unusual times.

There are a number of apps on the market that allow you to monitor your security cameras at your self storage facility, and pairing one of these video surveillance apps with StorLogix mobile, gives you a truly powerful way to monitor your site and keep your tenants safe when you aren’t on site.


2. Custom messages. Reports. Alerts.


The keypad at your front gate is the receptionist for the entire facility.  With StorLogix 5.0 and higher, you can easily set your site name which allows your Apex keypads to display a message welcoming your customers to your business.

You can also create custom promo messages with StorLogix and have them display on any and all of your Apex keypads in multiple languages. Custom messages are a particularly nice feature for satellite and automated facilities as they allow for a personal touch even with no one on site.

Alerts for both you and your tenants are a great way to make your customers feel moresecure—especially after hours or when they are alone at your site.  StorLogix, StorLogix mobile, and EasyCode all allow for alerts to be sent if an alarm is triggered.  That allows both you and your customers to have more control and to respond faster if someone breaks in to a storage unit.

Within your upgraded security software, you can view custom reports which allow you to make adjustments as needed to ensure the safety of your customers.

With the suspicious activity report, you can select any time of day that you think it would be usual for customers to be entering and exiting your facility—say 10pm to 6am.  No one wants to be believe people are sleeping in units, but it does happen.  The best way to ensure it isn’t happening at your site is to view this suspicious activity report every day.

The loitering report is also a really handy tool for ensuring that none of your tenants are jeopardizing the safety or wellbeing of any other customers.   You have the flexibility to decide how long you think is too long to be on site without entering a code to exit, and then see which tenants met those criteria for the day.  This is another great report to open each morning because if the same people are loitering on site every day, they are likely making your other tenants feel unsafe or at least a bit uneasy.



3. Increase accessibility and customer satisfaction with EasyCode. An application designed for your tenants.


The varying ride heights of vehicles can make entering a code at the gate a bit of a chore.  If your tenant is in an RV or a sports car, they’ll likely have to get out to enter their access code.  That’s an inconvenience for most tenants—especially in cold or inclement weather—but for some of your customers, it’s nearly impossible.

If a tenant has a disability, getting out of the vehicle without assistance and returning to the vehicle before the gate closes is a monumental task.  EasyCode solves this problem.

EasyCode is also ideal for those millennial customers we’re all after.  Mobile apps are a way of life for us all, but that’s especially true for your younger customers.  As millennials begin renting storage units in higher and higher numbers, you’ll need to be sure you provide them all the conveniences they’re used to, and EasyCode is the best and least expensive way to do just that.



4. Keep your current keypads, simply upgrade your software and in some cases your controller.


One of the best things about upgrading your security software to StorLogix 5.0 is that you won’t need to replace your keypads to see the benefits.  Even if you have Digitech 700LC or LX keypads, you can gain access to StorLogix and PTI’s mobile apps by upgrading to the Falcon XT.  The same is true of current PTI customer currently using the Falcon Baseunit controller.