3 Reasons Individual Door Alarms Will Help You Rent More Storage Units

Discover how implementing individualized door alarms at your facility can maximize your occupancy and boost your profitability!

Higher rental rates and occupancy. That’s what we’re all after, right?  Charging a premium for your storage units may seem out of reach, but door alarms can place higher rates firmly within your grasp. 

With door alarms, you increase the functionality and efficiency of your existing access control system, while also markedly improving your facility—a fact that won’t go unnoticed by your current tenants or your potential customers.

Investing in security is the most important thing you can do to protect your investment, and protecting and monitoring individual storage unit doors is one of the easiest things you can do to acquire new business.

1. Command Higher Rental Rates

We all know that people are willing to pay more to live in gated communities. According to an article published by Forbes.com, potential residents are willing to pay a premium to live in communities that are gated and monitored with high-tech security.  Thus, the correlation between security and higher prices is direct: as crime rates decrease, property values increase.

Self-storage facilities are no exception to this rule. If each individual unit is alarmed and monitored, tenants are willing to pay higher rates. Not only does this improve your bottom line, but allows for a great marketing opportunity to distinguish your business from others in your area.

Additionally, your tenants aren’t storing meaningless possessions. Inside self-storage units you’ll find childhood memories, family heirlooms, and even vehicles that your tenants have saved for years to buy. If tenants love these things enough to pay to store them, and it should come as no surprise that they are willing to pay more to ensure their possessions are protected.

 2. Deter Break-Ins and Vandals

Video surveillance is a must-have for an integrated access control system, but even video has its limits.

Imagine the following scenario: It’s after hours and someone has tailgated into your facility. With a pair of bolt cutters, this thief could gain access to dozens of units. Without an integrated smart lock, the staff on-site would have no idea until the damage is done. You can file a police report, call your insurance company, and then call your customers to tell them the news.

Even with a video surveillance system in place, unless you know who the burglar is by the blurry screenshot captured 20-feet away, the person that broke into your facility may never be caught. Worse yet, even if the perpetrator is found, your customer’s possessions are still gone and the losses are still profound. 

For many self-storage owners that have been victimized by theft and vandalism, the losses go beyond material loss. Once put in jeopardy, the damage to your business’s reputation is nearly impossible to repair. If the same scenario occurred at a facility with door alarms, the alarm would immediately sound when tampered with and the on-site staff would be notified immediately. Problem solved! 

Deterring crime at your self-storage site is relatively simple with the implementation of PTI door alarms. Wireless door alarms are painless to install and can be placed on all unit doors—even the occupied units! Hard-wired door alarms are a highly reliable, cost-effective security solution that are a great fit for new-build facilities. 

 3. Integration = Increased Functionality 

With individual door security, integration is key. Integrating door alarms into your access control security system provides increased functionality with PTI’s StorLogix Mobile. With StorLogix Mobile, self-storage operators have their access control system in the palm of their hands. Operators can view alarms and unit statuses in real-time, so they always know when something is being tampered with or if an emergency occurs. The functionality of an integrated access control system goes beyond protecting your tenants’ valuables and deterring crime; it affords you and your customers with a luxury that is increasingly rare in today’s world: peace of mind.

To learn more about how PTI Door Alarms can help you charge higher rates and protect your investment, Speak with a PTI Representative Today! 

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