Higher rental rates and occupancy. That’s what we’re all after, right?  Charging a premium for your storage units may seem out of reach, but door alarms can place higher rates firmly within your grasp.

With door alarms, you increase the functionality and efficiency of your existing access control system, while also markedly improving your facility—a fact that won’t go unnoticed by your current tenants or your potential customers.

Investing in security is the most important thing you can do to protect your investment, and protecting and monitoring individual storage unit doors is the simplest, most affordable thing you can do to acquire new, more profitable business.


1. Command higher rates by individually securing each storage unit door.

We all know that people are willing to pay more to live in gated communities.   According to a Forbes.com article, gated communities are secure, private, and exclusive, and many people are willing to pay a premium to live in these high-end communities.  The correlation between security and higher prices is direct: as crime rates decrease, property values increase.

Your storage facility is no exception to this rule.  If each unit door is alarmed and monitored, tenants are willing to pay higher rates, and you can distinguish your business from others in the area.

Your tenants aren’t storing meaningless possessions, they’re storing childhood memories, family heirlooms, and 4-wheel drive toys they’ve saved for years to buy.   People love things enough to pay to store them, and it should come as no surprise that they are willing to pay more to ensure their possessions are protected.



2. Deter break-ins and vandals.

Video surveillance is a must have for any integrated security or access control system, but beware, video has its limits.  Imagine the following scenario:

It’s after hours and someone has tailgated into your facility.  All that person needs is a pair of bolt cutters to gain access to dozens or even hundreds of unit doors.  The next morning you arrive to find the place in a state of disrepair.  You file a report, call your insurance company, and begin the long and arduous process of calling your customers to tell them the regrettable news.  Their possessions are gone, and they are understandably livid.

You suddenly remember your video cameras.  You begin scouring the footage—a daunting task in and of itself—but then you find it.  Plain as day, you have the burglar on video!   You hastily pick up the phone to call the police about this amazing find, and then it hits you.  You have no clue who this person is.  Even with the video footage, the person that broke into your facility may never be caught.  Worse yet, even if the perpetrator is found, your customer’s possessions are still gone and the losses are still profound.

For many storage owners that have been victimized by theft and vandalism, the losses go beyond material loss. Loss of reputation and sense of safety are nearly impossible to restore once put in jeopardy.

People are emotionally connected to their things, and it should come as no surprise that tenants and local media tend to blame facilities for not taking proper security precautions when robberies occur.  Bad press and word of mouth are an uphill battle that you don’t want to fight.

The good news is deterring crime at your site is relatively simple and inexpensive with door alarms.  Door alarms are one of the few ways to proactively deter crime at your facility.  With door alarms if a break-in occurs and a unit door or lock is tampered with, an alarm sounds and alerts can be programmed to immediately go out to you or even your tenants.

Better still, wireless door alarms are easy and painless to install and can be placed on all unit doors—even those that are currently occupied.  That means retrofits are painless with wireless door alarms from PTI.



3. Help patrol your facility, day or night.

If your self storage facility has individual door alarms on each unit, then you can provide tenants with a greater sense of control over their unit and an increased feeling that their possessions are safe.

With individual door security, integration is key.  If you have door alarms as part of your integrated PTI Security System, you gain increased functionality with PTI’s EasyCode for tenants and StorLogix mobile for owners and operators. 

You and your tenants can view alarm and unit status in real time with PTI’s mobile apps.  This goes beyond protecting your tenants’ valuables and deterring crime; it affords you and your customers with a luxury that is increasingly rare in today’s world: peace of mind.

Find out more about how wireless door alarms can help you charge higher rates and protect your investment.  Call us or email sales@ptisecurity.com for more information.