The self-storage industry has drastically changed over the past few decades. According to statistics cited by, the self-storage market was worth an estimated $31.6 billion in 2015. That is a 386% increase from the 2007 figures reported by the Census Bureau on the self-storage industry.

Based on the preceding statistics, it’s easy to see that there has been a tremendous and rapid increase in the number of public storage facilities in the US in the past 10 years.

However, as the industry has grown, so too has the competition. This means now more than ever, distinguishing your self-storage business from the competition is critical. It seems like every day a new “clean, inexpensive facility” opens just down the road. How will you set yourself apart?

To really distinguish your business from all the others, it’s vital that your facility is highly safe, secure, and offers convenient entry and monitoring solutions for your customers.

There are a lot of relatively new technologies in self-storage that make it easy to enhance the security at your facility so you can enhance your bottom line.


1) Electronic Locks and Controls

Electronic locking technology has come a long way since its initial inception. In particular, the Janus International Group LLC™ SecurGuard™electronic lock has helped bring a higher level of security to self-storage. SecurGuard™ is in an interior (inside the door) electronic lock that fits directly on most Janus International™ doors. This design makes the lock more difficult to tamper with and defeat.

The SecurGuard™ lock also seamlessly integrates with PTI’s DoorBoss to allow tenants to unlock their unit from the PTI keypad at the gate. Further, because the SecurGuard™ lock integrates with PTI’s DoorBoss, you can monitor each unit with your StorLogix security software from PTI.

With the monitoring provided by PTI’s StorLogix and DoorBoss, you can set alerts, prevent access of delinquent tenants, and discourage tailgating.

This solution from Janus International™ and PTI Security Systems adds an additional layer of security to your self-storage facility that will allow you to market your business as one that takes the individual security of each tenant and unit seriously.



2) Wireless Alarm Technologies

Wireless alarm technologies an incredibly useful solution for self-storage retrofits.

Wireless alarms allow you to place an alarm on a door, assign it to a specific unit in StorLogix, and start using it right away.

Also, wireless systems allow for real-time communication across your facility, are easy to install, and have long battery lives. Wireless alarms are a quick and convenient way to upgrade your facilities security.



3) Remote Storage Management Applications

One of the biggest changes in the field of self-storage is the introduction of remote storage management applications for smartphones. With these applications, you literally put the power to manage your storage facility in the palm of your hand.

Two such phone apps include:

  1.     The StorLogix Mobile App; and
  2.     The EasyCode App.

The StorLogix app is designed to integrate with your PTI security software and management system to provide powerful remote monitoring and control for your self-storage facility. This app was designed with owners and managers in mind, and gives you the ability to remotely see who’s on site, receive alarm notifications, view suspicious activity reports, and suspend tenant access in the event of overdue payment.

The EasyCode app is a customer-facing application that allows your customers to access and remotely monitor their storage unit with the push of a button. Forgetting gate codes are now a thing of the past. With EasyCode, tenants can see if their unit door is open, closed, or secure—giving them peace of mind that their possessions are safe.

These apps greatly enhance accessibility for your self-storage business, making things more convenient for both you and your tenants.

Modern self-storage businesses need every advantage they can get to distinguish themselves in a crowded market. Using the technologies listed above can help increase both security and service so your business stands out from the pack.