When you walk into most high-end, Class A self storage facilities, you’ll probably see monitors displaying security camera feeds from around the facility.  And why shouldn’t you?  These displays immediately send a message to anyone that walks through the office doors: they take security seriously here.

Video displays are crucial to on-site marketing, and if you aren’t displaying your security camera feeds, think about adding a few monitors to your office.  You already have the cameras, so why not show them off?

The same thing is true of door alarms.  If you have door alarms on every unit door, my guess is security is your priority.  Site graphics give you the same ability as video monitors, and are the perfect way to put your alarms and your facility on display.


We live in a visual world. 

Have you ever used an emoji?  Maybe you’re one of the few that haven’t, but you’ve probably at least been sent one in text or email.  You might wonder why they’re so popular, and you’re not alone. But the simple fact remains: emails with emoji’s in the subject line get opened at higher rates than those without.  In the world of social media, posts with videos and images get shared, commented on, and liked at much higher rates than text only message.  In fact, posts with images get 94% more views than those without, and posts with video get shared 1200% more than text and links combined.

It’s hard to ignore that we’ve become a visually based society.  With so much information and content just a click away, people want to quickly and easily see what you have to offer.


Enter Site Graphics

Site graphics are a visual rendering of your facility and your security system.  They are a customizable tool that allow you to display the layout of your facility.  Each unit door is color coded based on vacancy, delinquency, occupancy, and trigger alarms within the Site Graphics software.  Even if you don’t have individual door alarms, site graphics allow you to show potential customers the layout of your facility and vacant units before they even tour the property.


How Site Graphics Impact Your Bottom Line

Because people are visual and care about security, let’s conservatively say that you bring in one additional tenant per month with site graphics.  It’s not difficult to see that over the course of a year 12 additional customers would choose to store somewhere that proudly displays their security.

Twelve additional rentals with an average lifetime value of $1,400, would result in a 1772% return on investment.  Put another way, with a six percent cap rate, those 12 additional rentals result in over $265,000 of value added to your facility in just one year.

Simply put, site graphics are an effective and cost efficient way to increase the value and appeal of your facility.

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