Wired Door Alarms

Reliable security you and your customers can trust.

Door alarm systems, with hard-wired door alarms on all units, will attract customers by creating a sense of comfort and will increase security. Increase your revenues by commanding higher rates for secured units and differentiating your facility from competitors. Door Alarms are the best way to detect and deter break-ins at your facility. Video Surveillance cameras are an important part of any facility’s security system, but cameras aren’t proactive. Individual door alarms are a proactive tool that help prevent crime before it happens. Hard-wired door alarm systems are highly reliable and cost-effective solutions that help installation. Multiplexers are available in configurations ranging from 16 to 96 channels to accommodate the layout of any facility. These high-performance multiplexers feature on-board LCD displays for convenient testing and installation, and anti-tamper monitoring to prevent intruders from disabling the security system. Easy to use punch down terminals allow for quick wiring. All of our Multiplexers are UL-294 compliant, ensuring years of reliable operation, even in difficult environmental climates.
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Included Features:
  • UL-294 Compliant and Certified Hardware.
  • Compatible with a variety of alarm sensors and door switches.
  • Scalable characteristics to grow with your business.
  • Easy to use punch down terminals.
System Compatibility:
  • Works with StorLogix and Falcon XT in PTI mode only.
  • Works with legacy Falcon Base Unit.
  • Not compatible with Digitech mode devices.

Available Downloads

Hard-Wired and Wireless Door Alarms

Overview of the PTI wired and wireless door alarm solutions available.

Wired Door Alarm Multiplexer Manual

Installation manual for the PTI Wired Door Alarm Multiplexers (Muxes).

Download 2.30 MB

Mux Unused Channel Wiring

Diagram showing the proper wiring for unused channels on a PTI multiplexer.

Download 137.32 KB