Door alarms and relays with flexibility

Hard-wired door alarms provide reliable individual door security solutions that protect your investment and the valuable possessions of your customers. Provide a sense of comfort for tenants with enhanced security for the facility and increase revenues by commanding higher rates for secured units.

Door Alarms are the best way to detect and deter break-ins at your facility. 

Available with up to five installed expansion modules. 22 to 110 doors with the Door Contact Modules and 6 to 22 relays with the Relay Modules, or combine both for more options. Also available with Matrix modules for legacy Digitech 700 Keypad or Door Alarm systems.

Pair the proven technology of the Digitech Uni-Mux with door switch modules to make a reliable hard-wired individual unit door alarm system. The Uni-Mux manages the signals that bring security communication to a high level for property protection.


Included Features:

  • On-board optical isolation offers superior surge protection.
  • Low cost of installation.
  • Several board configurations available:
    • Support for one (22 doors) to five (110 doors) door alarm boards.
    • Support for one (4 relays) to four (20 relays) relay boards, plus two on-board relays.
    • Support for legacy Digitech 11-wire matrix configurations


System Compatibility:

  • Works with StorLogix and Falcon XT 5.0+ in Digitech mode only.
  • Works with legacy Digitech SysCon.
  • Not compatible with PTI mode devices.


Available Downloads

DigiGate Controller and Accessories

DigiGate system overview with features, benefits, and specifications. Includes SysCon, DigiGraphics, Keypads and Door Alarms.

DigiGate-700 System Installation Manual Including Uni-Mux

Installation manual for the DigiGate-700™ System including installation of the Uni-Mux.

Download 6.04 MB