A statement to your customers about security

The DigiGraphics site graphics program provides an at-a-glance display of the facility. See all access system activity as it happens, complete with unit numbers. The DigiGraphics system provides a focal point that enhances customer confidence in the facility’s attention to security. We customize DigiGraphics to each facility and will easily update the site as your business grows.

Included Features:

  • See all access system activity as it happens.
  • Customized to your facility.
  • Looks great on high-definition displays.
  • Hand-held remote control for ease of use.


System Compatibility:

  • Works with StorLogix and Falcon XT5.0+ in Digitech mode only.
  • Works with legacy Digitech SysCon.
  • Not compatible with PTI mode devices.


Available Downloads

Site Assistant Software

Overview of Site Assistant software and how it enhances the image of your property to existing and potential customers.

Download 863.85 KB

DigiGate Controller and Accessories

DigiGate system overview with features, benefits, and specifications. Includes SysCon, DigiGraphics, Keypads and Door Alarms.