Run Your Entire Business with PTI Core™

Go beyond basic device management. Go beyond centralized data and reporting. With custom KPIs, you gain real-time visibility into the health of your devices and, with a custom dashboard, you can track performance and measure business impact. Manage all your devices, locations, customers, transactions, and other aspects that may be unique to your business all from the PTI Core Platform™.

Keep Your Existing Devices and Gain a Pathway to the Cloud

With PTI Core™ there’s no need to swap out or add any devices to your existing self-storage security system. If you have PTI or Digitech (DigiGate) keypads, controllers, or door alarms, CORE™ will centralize your data plus allow you to monitor and even control and command your devices via online portal from anywhere on Earth.

Talk to Your Devices from Anywhere

Communicate securely and reliably to every access control device throughout your self-storage portfolio. Remotely install software/firmware updates, view access activity, update inventory, and even begin to get predictive analytics on renter behaviors and system health.

Flexible and Scalable

With standard API integration, use the systems you love while still managing your business from one single screen. With enterprise level dashboard and multi-facility views, PTI CORE™ is scalable for self-storage portfolio of all sizes.

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Pricing Bundles are available and are based on the modules, integrations, facility size, and number of features needed. PTI CORE™ offers tiered pricing at different price points to fit the requirements of your unique facility. Click the link above to learn more about the Pricing Bundles available through PTI CORE™!

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